Rock Out to a New Beat – #31Adventures

My husband loves to go see movies in the theater.

I, on the other hand, do not.

I’m also pretty picky about my movies. That’s not to say I have good taste in them – quite the contrary, in fact. I have horrible taste in movies. Awful. If it’s hilarious, a chick flick, Harry Potter, a kids movie, and environmental or food documentary, or has adorable animals in it, I like it. End of story for the most part.

My husband, on the other hand, will see any movie, any time, any where. Chick flicks, action movies, dramas, comedies, kids movies. If he could see every movie ever released in the theaters, he would.

But the problem with this, is that I’m not a big fan of seeing movies in the theater. I’d much rather save my money, wait patiently until it comes out on DVD and snuggle up under blankets with my fur-dogger, eating popcorn that did NOT cost me $6.75, and the pause button at the ready for bathroom breaks.

You can see now this might cause a problem. My husband doesn’t necessary mind going to movies by himself, but obviously prefers company. I’m trying to be better about going to see movies with him -it’s really not that much ask, and since he’ll watch anything, I usually get to pick.

So, tonight we went to the movies… and he picked. Real Steel it was.

And, as fate would have it, I loved it. Every single minute, but especially the first few that played this song…

Beautiful. You better believe I bought it on iTunes the minute we got home.

Sidenote: I totally cried at the end of Real Steel. Not even kidding.