Week 13 Training Recap

I went into week 13 knowing that it would be challenge – not because I had difficult workouts planned, but because I had gotten into a really great routine and that would be tested. Normally, my week looks like this: … Continue reading

Week 12 Training Recap

Another solid week in the books! I’ve really gotten into a groove in these past few weeks – light cross training plus a couple stretch out miles on Monday, running on Tuesday, strength on Wednesday, cross/strength on Thursday, running on … Continue reading

Week 11 Training Recap

Week 11 was my fourth week of focusing on quality strength training sessions, and I’m pleased to say that I’m seeing a HUGE difference in my running! A few weeks ago, my IT band was very unhappy. I started doing … Continue reading

Week 9 Training Recap

TRX, kettlebells, BOSU – oh, sh…. At least that’s what my muscles were saying on Tuesday. I kicked off the week with my free “FitPoint” – a free fitness assessment that came with my new Life Time membership. I was … Continue reading

Week 8 Training Recap

Week 8 was a great week of training: 3 strong & solid runs, 2 strength training sessions, 2 cross training sessions, 1 climbing session, and 1 group fitness class that kicked my butt. Monday: 30 minute elliptical, squats lunges, core, ITB … Continue reading

Marathon 2: Week 5 Training Recap

Week 5 started on a not so great note. My last long run had me discouraged and frustrated that my legs didn’t seem to be handling marathon training very well… at all. It was clear that my body was telling … Continue reading