staying safe

The Staying Safe series tackles issues in being active and enjoying the outdoors safely and responsibly. Have a suggestion or a topic you’d like to learn more about? Send me an e-mail at!


This series is intended to be an overview of common issues, obstacles, and safety hazards that may occur while engaging in outdoor activities. It is designed to educate novice enthusiasts about potential hazards and suggest prevention techniques or simple solutions, not to be a comprehensive listing of each and every hazard and all possible solutions.

Outdoor activity is inherently risky – participate at your own risk and please use caution and common sense when planning or participating in any type of outdoor pursuit. The situations that one might encounter in the outdoors are highly complex and require clear judgment and decision making.

While I am NOT an M.D. or wilderness medical expert, I am a certified Wilderness First Responder and professional outdoor leader with nearly 8 years of experience in leading backcountry expeditions, teaching outdoor living skills and developing/delivering outdoor leadership curricula. I have taught and mentored dozens of future outdoor leaders and consider myself an educator above all else.

All sources are cited and may come from my experiences, previously used educational materials or my brain.

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