Friendspiration, Girls on the Run Edition: Meet Jordanna!

When I think about the people who inspire me, I always come back to the women who are responsible for making Girls on the Run of Franklin County such an amazing group to volunteer with. Their tireless dedication to providing … Continue reading

7 Things

The lovely Lynne of LGSMASH  (a fellow FitFluential Ambassador) and Larissa of Larissa Milano Fitness (a fellow Tough Chik) both tagged me in “getting to know you” posts.  So, I decided to be a rule breaker and combine them! Rules … Continue reading

New Year’s Goals

Happy 2011, everyone!

I’ve been thinking a lot about 2010 + 2011.

This last year was a very big one for me in many ways:

Ian & I got engaged,
I ran my first ever race, the Run to Empower 5k and fell in love with running,

I became an aunt,
… and I finished 2 Master’s degrees!

But… even with all that awesomeness going on in 2010, I’m confidant that 2011 will be even bigger and better. While I’m a little leary of “resolutions” in the strictest sense, I’m a big goal-setter. So, in lieu of “resolutions,” I’ve decided to write out a list of goals that I’d like to accomplish in my life overall, and then, each year, I’ll select goals from that list to focus on that year.This year’s goals are (drumroll please!) …

  1. Worry less & laugh more.
  2. Finish a 1/2 marathon at the Cincinnati Flying Pig on May 1st!
  3. Finish a full 26.2 at the Air Force Marathon on September 17th!
  4. Do a Warrior Dash in Logan, Ohio on June 5th … if the registration system will finally cooperate done!
  5. Train for a triathlon, and, if all goes well, do the Cincinnati Sprint Triathlon on July 24th!

I’m very excited for 2011, and very optimistic about my goals. This year’s goals focus mostly on fitness, and the two biggies are definitely the 1/2 marathon & marathon. I’m hoping the tri “training” will give me productive and fun cross training, and we’ll see how it goes in terms of actually doing an official tri. At the very least, I’m excited to start swimming and to take biking a little more seriously. And let’s not forget about my wedding in October!! 2011’s biggest party is pretty high up on my countdown list! 😉

What are you excited about in 2011?

Race Recap: Run To Empower 5k (My First Race!)

Well. This is certainly awkward. I mean, there I went and said I was going to be blogging more, and promptly disappeared for another week. Or more. How embarrassing.

But in my defense, life has been absolutely, certifiably, 110% bonkers around here. I have about 4 weeks + a week of “finals” left of grad school, and in those 4 short weeks, I have to defend & revise a thesis, finish, present, & revise a leadership project, and in the meantime, keep up with my 2 classes and put in 8 hours a week for my graduate scholarship. I turned in my thesis manuscript Sunday morning, after 4 consecutive 13+ hour days of whipping the little bugger into shape. Can you say S-T-R-E-S-S-F-U-L?

The good news is that I RAN MY FIRST EVER RACE on Saturday, October 9th, 2010! That’s right, I partook in the Race to Empower 5k in good ole’ Athens, Ohio. Proceeds from the race go to the Empower Campaign, an educational initiative in Africa, so not only did I get to run my first race, but I also contributed a little something to make getting to school for Ugandan children just a bit easier.

The race itself was great! Going into it, I was a bit worried, since I hadn’t run in about a week, and before that my training had been sporadic thanks to a weird shin/calf injury I had going, but the miles flew by, and before I knew it we were 2 miles in. It was much hotter than Ian or I were expecting, and being out on the bikepath made it that much more noticeable, but all in all, it was a raging success, I’d say! We both finished in 34 minutes and some change, which I was happy with. Not so fast, but about the same as I had been running before my shin started acting up, so I was pleased!

Depending on how my leg is feeling in the next couple of days, we may be signing up for another 5k on Halloween. Half-marathon training has been un-officially suspended, due more to the sheer insanity of life at this point, but I’d like to see how the leg holds up before I make a final decision about anymore races. It didn’t hurt at all during the race, but was pretty sore on Sunday. When I went to have it looked at, they said it was most likely a tendon sprain and that I should “try not” to run for 6 – 8 weeks, whatever that means. Well, that didn’t exactly happen (I know, I know), but I’d still like to play the “better somewhat safe than really sorry” card.

I know I’ve said this before, but I really do want to continue blogging more. It really (REALLY!) helps me to stay motivated and inspired, and I need some of that right now.

How do you stay motivated and/or inspired when life seems to get in the way of your best intentions? I’d love to hear some of your tips! 🙂