Staying Safe: Conquer the Cold This Winter

This is the second installment of Staying Safe. This series tackles common safety issues in being active and enjoying the outdoors safely and responsibly. Have a suggestion or a topic you’d like to learn more about? Send me an e-mail … Continue reading

31 Days of Adventure

This morning, I stumbled upon 31 Days of Adventure, a prompt-a-day provided by Amy at Expand Outdoors and Lydia at Wander Lydia. I’ve followed Amy & Lydia for awhile now, and I absolutely LOVE their blogs. I find so much inspiration in them as bloggers, athletes, and women. Something about the way Expand Outdoors and Wander Lydia write about and experience adventure and happiness in everyday life really resonates with the wander lusting free spirit in me. Their blogs came to me just as I was trying to reconnect with the part of me that found beauty in so many small moments throughout the day, the outdoorswoman who dared to get lost and sought the unknown.

Amy & Lydia, through their blogs, have helped me rediscover my sense of wonder, adventure, and passion. They’ve helped to shape a new perspective on life, joy, and adventuring in the past year – I’m really excited to see what kinds of adventure they have in store for us in 2012. You should all come along, too!

What better way to shake off those post-holiday blues than to spice up each day with a little adventure?