I Don’t Always Run with Earphones, but When I Do…

My iPhone comes with me everywhere. I’m sure many of you can relate.

99.9% of the time that my little friend and I are joined at hip, it’s serenading me with sweet tunes. I don’t claim to have the best taste, but that’s neither here nor there…

Ironically enough, though, I don’t often listen to music when I run. I’m that weird girl who doesn’t mind running for 2+ hours with no music. There are a few reasons for this:

  1. I like using my runs to think without distraction. I also find that I push myself harder without music.
  2. It also has to do with safety – I’m a tad bit paranoid about not getting run over by a car, so even when I do run with earphones, I always have them turned down low enough that I can still hear what’s going on around me.
  3. I hadn’t found earphones that worked for me. I have teeny tiny ears, so the standard Apple ear buds don’t fit, and the pair of SkullCandy earbuds I had did this weird suctiony thing that always made my ears hurt and blocked out all other sounds but the music – see #2, and my general distaste for the idea of getting run over.

Recently, though, I had the opportunity to try out the new Inspire for Women Yurbuds, and I had high hopes that these would be the earbuds for me. I’d heard from tons of people, including Mel, that Yurbuds are AH-mazing.

I’ll admit, though hopeful, I was also skeptical.

“Guaranteed to never fall out?”

Challenge accepted.

First I squealed at the adorable aqua color (what? I am a girl after all!), then ripped these puppies open, picked the smallest silicone cover (it came with 2 sizes of the aqua part on the earbud), twisted, and locked.

At first I thought there was NO WAY these would stay in. If it didn’t even feel like I had anything in my ears, how could these not fall out? I gave em a few tugs, and they seemed pretty firmly in place, but I’d have to log a few nice, sweaty miles to really put ’em to the test.

Since then, I’ve run with them for about 10 hours, and they haven’t even come close to falling out. And that weird suctiony thing that used to make my ears hurt? A worry of the past. It’s been nice, Skullcandies, but we are never, ever, ever, ever getting back together.

The question remains: Have Yurbuds converted me to running with music all the time?

No, they haven’t. I really do enjoy hearing the pounding of my feet and the sounds of the world around me. That being said, I Yurbud it up all the time at work, at coffee shops, and I wore the hell out of ’em on the BART while we were in San Francisco.

Lemme bottom line it for ya…

{ Psst! Read more about how Yurbuds work  here! }

Disclosure: I received a free set of Yurbuds Inspire for Women earphones to review. As always, all opinions are my own.

5 thoughts on “I Don’t Always Run with Earphones, but When I Do…

  1. I don’t run with music because of the same reasons. The Youbuds look pretty cool for working out indoor, but I am worring about their safety outside. I imagine that, because of how they look, I wouldn’t be able to hear anything else. Do you still hear the surrounding sounds when wearing them?

    • Yes! That’s another reason I love them… I can still hear traffic around me; obviously you cant blast the tunes, but I find that I can hear both traffic noise and my music in a way that isn’t distracting or overwhelming. My old ear buds blocked ALL outside noise, so I never used them outside on the roads, but I’m much more comfortable wearing Yurbuds outside.

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