Race Recap: NWM & Gratitude.

We are all given so many days in this life, so many moments.

Some are ordinary – fleeting moments of joy, peace, turmoil, sadness.

Others are extraordinary – singular moments in time when you realize that this is once-in-lifetime, never to be repeated.

The morning of October 14th, I found myself in the midst of one of these extraordinary moments. Swirling around me was the energy of 28,000 runners, on the brink of incredible. On the verge of taking the streets of San Francisco by storm, I had a moment of quiet revelation – overwhelmed with gratitude for all that this moment and this trip represented.

Grateful not only to have a good job, but a job that I truly love.

Grateful to have a loving and supportive husband, who didn’t mind spending our first anniversary cheering me on in a strange city.

Grateful for so many wonderful friends.

I may not get to see them as often as we’d like, but when we do, it’s like no time has passed at all.

Grateful for this body that I neglected for a time, but that is back in full force, stronger and wilder than ever, able to carry me for countless miles, ever faster.

Grateful for this opportunity to run with 28,000 others who understand what it means to be a runner – to devote countless miles to the road gods, to blisters, and missing toenails, to splits and paces and mileage, all for those few miles of glory and that ever-expanding finish line.

Grateful for my FitFluential family, for inspiring me, for pushing me to new heights as a blogger, runner, athlete, and person.

Grateful for this blog and all of you, my readers, for taking me to places that I never thought possible.

The Nike Women’s Marathon was all that I ever thought it could be. I found myself welling up with tears at the starting line, in absolute awe that I was here, that I was about to run this race.

 You see, back when I first started running in December of 2010, I stumbled across this race and thought, “Man, it would be amazing to run that.” I hadn’t really and truly run a race yet, and I could barely hack my way through a single mile without sucking air.

It was beyond my wildest dreams that someday, I would make it to San Francisco and claim my Tiffany’s necklace. Now, less than 2 years later, I’ve run 2 marathons, 10 half marathons, 3 mud runs, countless 5 & 10ks, and I’ve even won my age group.

And the best part?

This is only the beginning.

Disclosure: My entry in the Nike Women’s Marathon was paid for by FitFluential and Yurbuds. As usual, all opinions are strictly my own.

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