The NWM Expotique!

Wow. It’s been a week since the Nike Women’s (Half) Marathon, and that’s still all I can really say about this experience… but, being a blogger, I’ll try to give it words anyway.

First and foremost, I have to thank #FitFluential and Yurbuds for making this race possible for me… I well and truly appreciate the opportunity from the bottom of my heart!

Be forewarned: this race gets 2 parts, starting from the beginning with…

the Expotique!

After a rental car fiasco that ended up taking 3 times as long as we expected, the Huz and I didn’t get there until Saturday afternoon, and it. Was. INSANITY!

I can’t lie – after taking the BART, 2 shuttles, and standing in line at Hertz for 2+ hours, I was already a bit on edge. Seeing the packet pick-up line wrap around Union Square not once but twice nearly broke me. Thankfully, the line moved surprisingly fast, and it only took about 30 minutes to get through the whole thing… kudos to Nike for some pretty mad organization skillz. Having worked large events before, I know that it’s not easy to coordinate that many people, but it is always appreciated!

With my bib firmly in hand, I explored the Expotique for a bit – stopped by the Yurbuds booth to say HELLO! to my peeps, chugged some delicious Nuun, and oogled over the Nike watches and Fuelbands…. drool.

After the Expotique, the Huz and I met up with a close friend and she showed us all around San Francisco. We saw the Ferry Building, the Mission District, Grace Cathedral and more before I met up with some fellow FitFluential Ambassadors for dinner at Ristorante Umbria!

Top Row – Tiffany, Meg, Linz, Gia, Kristin,

Bottom Row – Alexandra, Rachel, moi, Melissa, Kelly, and Brian

It was wonderful getting to meet and spend some time with some FFAs. This was my first time meeting any of my fellow Amabassadors, but it was great to share a meal with like-minded people. Even though we’d never met (some of us, anyway!), there was no awkwardness since we knew we had some pretty killer shared interests!

Stay tuned for my NWM race recap and my review of the new Inspire for Women Yurbuds!

Disclosure: FitFluential and Yurbuds provided me with an entry to NWM as well as a set of Yurbuds to review. As always, all opinions are strictly my own.

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