#Whole30 – Let’s Do This!

You all know I just recently started a new job. I’m 2 months in, and I absolutely LOVE it!

One of the things I love most is my co-workers – we all get along really well, our personalities complement one another, and we also seem to rub off on each other in very awesome ways. Since I started, 2 of them have started running, and there’s talk of starting a weekly lunchtime group run. Another mentioned that she is about to start a Paleo challenge – the Whole30.

When I heard that, I got a lil excited… So, starting today, I’m eating Paleo for 30 days – no excuse!

While my eating habits are pretty healthy for the most part, I have felt like I needed to kick it up a notch lately. To be perfectly honest, I don’t really believe in eliminating entire food groups from a diet, but what I like about Whole30 is this…

The Whole30 is not a diet, a short-term fix or a temporary solution. It’s also not the Whole365. We want you to use the Whole30 as a learning tool to gain awareness of how the foods you used to eat were actually affecting how you look, feel, live and perform. And then we want you to carry that awareness forward, and use your experience to change the way you eat for the rest of your life.

We encourage you to make educated, deliberate decisions about when, how often and in what quantities you include less healthy foods in your diet.

So, what will this look like?

I WILL eat meats, seafood, eggs, lots of vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, and some oils.

I WON’T eat:

  • Added sugar of any kind – real or artificial.
  • Alcohol… womp, womp.
  • Grains. At all. Period, end of story.
  • Legumes… i.e. beans, peas, peanuts, and soy, except sugar snap peas
  • Dairy… except clarified butter or ghee.
  • Carrageenan, MSG or sulfites.
  • White potatoes – including white, red, purple, Yukon gold and fingerling.

I’ll be posting a lot more about #Whole30 in the next month, so stay tuned for another crazy adventure…


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