Wednesday Weights, Round 2

Time for another round of Wednesday Weights!

It’s been more than a little while, but since upping my personal training to once a week, I’m rolling in great workouts!
It’s awesome not only to know that I’ll get one killer workout in, but that I can also go back through, pick some great exercises, and create my own workouts for my other 1-2 strength workouts per week.

Before I switched from twice a month training, Trainer had me doing as many different workouts as possible so that I could become familiar and comfortable with doing a variety of exercises with proper form. Now, I have dozens of exercises to call on when I want to hit the gym.

The other day, Trainer put me through what he called the “Meathead Workout” – no offense meant to Meatheads out there. 🙂

I did the Meathead Workout again on Monday with some tweaking to target my shoulders and chest even more, which happen to be my weakest areas. I do 4 sets of each exercise, starting with 12 reps of a low weight and work my way up to 6 reps at a much higher weight.

Give it a shot!

Disclosure: As a FitFluential Ambassador, I’m participating in an ongoing campaign with Life Time Fitness. In exchange for sharing my honest opinions and experiences, I receive a free membership. As always, all thoughts are my own.

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