Race Recap: Warrior Dash Ohio II!

This happened.

On Sunday, to be exact.

Yep, I ran Warrior Dash again.

I ran it in May of last year with Ian and some friends, but I tackled it solo this time around, and

it. Was. AWESOME!

I wasn’t planning on running it until a couple of weeks ago, but I’m so glad I did – I have to say, I definitely preferred this course to the one I did in Logan, Ohio. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but it may be partly because my fitness is WORLDS away from where it was in May 2011.

Back then, I had just finished my first half marathon. Since then, I’ve done 5 more half marathons, 2 full marathons, countless other 5 and 10ks, and an Alpha Challenge – oh, and I’ve fallen in love with weight lifting.

All of that made for a MUCH easier time over (and under) those obstacles, not to mention a quicker pace between them – I took a good 12 minutes off my last Warrior Dash time!

I tried to strategize a little to make the clean up more efficient, but here’s my advice:

You will get muddy. You won’t get it all off. Accept it and move on.

Oh, and one other piece of advice?

Don’t wear shorts.

I don’t care how hot it is – I have the worst case of chafage I’ve ever had, thanks to the dirt and small gravel that inevitably collects… ahem, ev-er-y-where.

Moving right along…

I got a chance to chat with the awesome folks at Reebok while I was there, who hooked me up with some new kicks…

… that I just took for a test run at (guess where…) Life Time.

These puppies are so LIGHT! I think I’m falling in love…

If you ever get the chance to do a Warrior Dash, don’t pass it up! While I’ll always be a running purist at heart, it’s a lot of fun to mix it up and get in a good workout without taking yourself too seriously!

Meanwhile, my favorite part of a Warrior Dash has commenced – watching the bruises take shape.

The mud may be gone, but the bruises are here to stay!

Disclaimer: I received a free entry into Warrior Dash and pair of Reebok RealFlex Fusion TR shoes through my role as a FitFluential Ambassador. As always, all opinions are my own.

7 thoughts on “Race Recap: Warrior Dash Ohio II!

  1. Hello fellow Ohioan. 🙂

    I registered for Mudstash and running my first obstacle race next month! Yikes! So it’s not advisable to wear shorts?

  2. Those Reeboks look so light! What is the style name? They look almost like a track shoe or racing flat…hmmm might have to give em a try:-) Good job on the warrior dash!

    • They are SO light… Almost like wearing nothing! They are the Real Flex Fusion TR trainers! They’re more for cross training, although I did run in them yesterday and loved em!!

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