Living Up: Things That Matter Most

I’ve done a lot of learning in the past year or two, and what I’ve learned is that the big things aren’t really so big.

They’re the things that zoom past you without a second glance.

The things that fill the minutes in between the “big” things.

My most treasured memories are of a lake in Wisconsin, a garden in my backyard, and a hospital bed in my living room.

They are made up of things like the sound of a row boat slicing and creaking through the water – of loons calling from across the lake, and bacon sizzling over the fire.

They smell like fresh tomatoes stewing for days on the stove, and fresh cut grass on a Saturday morning.

They are the feeling of juice running down my chin as I bite into my 10th peach, straight from the tree, and the tummy ache an hour later from too much sugar.

They are helping my Dad eat his dinner, bite by bite, ever so slowly. They are sitting next to him for hours on end, in the most uncomfortable kitchen chair ever, just to be close to him. They are reading with him at night, and holding his hand so tight.

They are the last words he ever said to me:

“I love you.”

Whatever you do – don’t lose sight of these things.

It can be easy to do while chasing down your goals. It can be easy to forgo time with your loved ones in favor of miles on the road or sets at the gym.

Those miles and sets are important, surely.

But, every now and then, skip them.

Skip them entirely, and without hesitation, to make some memories with your loved ones.

I can promise you that those will be the moments that matter above all else.

4 thoughts on “Living Up: Things That Matter Most

  1. I so so so very much agree.
    I may never be other peoples definition of success (wealth etc) but I am in my own and THATS WHATS IMPORTANT.


  2. What a great post. A great reminder of what is really valuable in life. It is so easy to lose sight, get caught up, be so stressed, so busy that we miss out on the good stuff of life. Thanks for the reminder:-)

  3. This is a beautiful post…my favorite moments, sometimes even more than the big ones, are the moments when there’s nothing really happening. The significance of those moments is just the pure appreciation of the time spent together. I love my life busy or not, big moments or small.

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