Why I Run

We runners are called many things – crazy, idiotic, boneheaded, just plain stupid for doing what we do.

They have their names, but we have our reasons.

For some, it’s to lose weight. For others, to live a healthy lifestyle.

I’d like to clear one thing up…

these are not my reasons.

Mine are far more simple and selfish.

I run because it makes me feel good.

The fact that it keeps me healthy and fit? Nice perks, but not much more (apparently, I’m a bad health blogger, so it’s a good thing I don’t consider myself one, eh?).

I admit, I would be lying if I said that my new kickin’ bod doesn’t play into it just a wee bit (as a side note, shaving my legs has become significantly less boring since I took up running…), but for the most part, I run because to me, it’s fun, even when it’s not “fun.” Health, wellness, and the ability to rock some skinny jeans are nice kickbacks, but those alone don’t do it for me.

I run because it challenges me.

Running has never come easy for me. In fact, at one point in my life, I loathed running. Hated it, in fact. But, the older I get, the more I enjoy a challenge. I love to do things I’m not good at, so that I can say I conquered them. Will I ever completely “conquer” running? Hell no, and that’s the way I like it.

I run because it relaxes me.

If I go more than a couple days without running, I know it. The Huz knows it. Everyone around me knows it. Running is my de-stresser, my relaxer, my rejuvenizer. It allows me to think more clearly, to tackle work, life, and relationships problems, and gives me the “me” time I need to be a better person in my non-running life.

I run because it teaches me.

Running has taught me to push through the difficult times, to recognize the difference between real pain and satisfying pain that is a runner’s reward for their hard work. It has taught me that failure is not in my vocabulary, and that falling short of your goal is not the end of the road – it just means you have a little (or a lot) more work to do.

I run because I love chasing a goal.

Running has shown me that I am indeed a goal setter. Before running, I don’t think I could say that about myself in any discrete terms. But now, I feel best when I’m pursuing a lofty goal. Running has taught me that setting goals and reaching them takes planning, practice, and perseverance, but also that with those things, nothing is impossible.

I run because I love dreaming big.

Running has taught me over and over again to dream big. I never in a million years dreamed that I would be a marathon runner. I never thought that running 26.2 miles continuously would even be possible for me. When I finished my first half marathon after only running for about 5 months, I thought to myself that running twice that seemed impossible. But even then, the promise of big dreams was planted as I reminded myself that running 13.1 miles once seemed impossible.

I run because it gives me energy.

It has taken me a while to learn that I never regret going for a run, no matter how tired I feel beforehand. Running provides me with a different kind of energy, one that makes me my soul feel full of life even when my body is completely spent.

I run because it makes me feel alive.

Plain and simple, running makes me feel the blood pumping through my veins, the beat of my heart, and the dreams in my head more closely.

I run because it’s about so much more than running.

All of these things that running teaches me, reveals to me, allows me to feel are about so much more than just running.

It’s about life.

Plain and simple, running has shown me how to live a better, more full, more robust, and more awesome life.

So, tell me… why do YOU run?

7 thoughts on “Why I Run

  1. So many of your reasons are also my reasons, but I love “I run because it teaches me.” Never thought about it like that, but it is so true!

  2. This is by far one of the best blogs I’ve read in a while. I guess I’m selfish as well. Running gives me peace of mind too, helps me straighten things out when they’re curvy.

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