Quite a Doozy

May is quite the doozy.

I wanted to drop in to let you know that I’m still around, but super busy! If my posts are a little sparse in the next couple of weeks, it’s because I’m heading into a very busy season at work and my time will be spent at work and at the gym.

That’s right – fear not, I will still be working out as much as possible despite working like a madwoman. I started heavy lifting at personal training yesterday, and I’m so excited to change gears for the next couple of months before diving back into marathon training. I’m also really lucky that work often involves a LOT of activity. For example, I’ve been teaching back-to-back canoeing classes every day this week, and you better believe I’m counting all that paddling as cross-training!

I have so much to write about – more marathon thoughts, Girls on the Run race recap, reflections on personal training, my new adventures in lifting, and so much more, but until I settle into a more normal routine, things may be a little more quite around here.

You’ll still be able to catch me on Twitter and Facebook – please do!


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