Marathon Week Training Recap

19 weeks ago, I started training for a marathon.

Despite the setbacks I experienced early on, this training cycle turned out to be the best one of my short running career. I ran my highest mileage yet, gained some serious speed, began working with an awesome personal trainer, started to find my strong, and learned a lot about my potential as a runner – more to come on this soon!

Although I wasn’t able to run the marathon I planned on running, I now have a solid marathon under my belt, one that I’m very VERY proud of, and I wouldn’t change a thing about this experience.

Overall, my last week of training tapering was pretty frustrating. The Taper Crazies really got to me this time around, and I was doubting everything. TO top it off, I had some really weird and troubling pain in my left IT band/quad/hip/butt. I spent most of the week convinced that I’d be taking a big fat DNF.

Thanks to tapering and random leg pain, I took it easy during marathon week – even easier than I planned. I got my personal training session in early, and he made sure to take it easy on my legs, focusing on upper body and abs instead. Tuesday, I ran/walked about 2.5 miles with my Girls on the Run, and Wednesday and Thursday I got my cross training in while at work – I led 25 elementary-schoolers in a Stream Study class that involved tromping through a rain-swollen creek, searching for macroinvertebrates for 2 hours each day. Yes, I get paid to do stuff like that. Yes, I know. You’re jealous.

I squeezed in 2 legit runs – one on the treadmill Wednesday night, and a “naked” run on Friday that I sorely needed to refocus. After each workout, my left leg was really talking to me. I tried not listen, but it was hard to not go to the scary DNF thoughts.

Thankfully, it turned out to be the Taper Crazies talking. Maybe a rough taper predicts a great race? 🙂

Now, I leave you with pig butt.


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