Week 17 Training Recap

After a few really stellar weeks of training, my first week of taper was just okay – not spectacular, but far from miserable.

Like many other runners, taper time is rough for me. I’m really pretty horrible at resting – just ask my trainer, he knows. For me, it’s so hard to turn off that drive to push myself to the limit – I had to constantly remind myself that it was time to rest. The hard work has already been done.

Weekly Running Total: 24 miles

I had two great strength training sessions this week, and my trainer and I came up with a post-marathon plan that I’ll share in a few weeks. I originally planned on hitting 32 miles for the week, but toward the end, I started feeling like I was forcing myself into it and I wasn’t setting myself up for success. Sometimes, it’s best to do what you can, call it a day, and set yourself up for success next time around.

Saturday, I helped out out at my work’s annual Earth Day Clean Up & Open House, which involved leading a team of “Weed Warriors” in pulling invasive garlic mustard and then hauling it to the dumpster – my team alone pulled over 400 lbs in 2 hours! I have to say, pulling garlic mustard has a meditative quality to it, and I really enjoyed it – altogether, we removed 3,300+ POUNDS of garlic mustard and trash from our woods! Go Weed Warriors! 🙂

I had planned on running after work, but I was absolutely SPENT. After spending my entire Saturday out in the cold and rain, the last thing I wanted to do was run for 2+ hours in the wind and cold on Sunday. I felt pretty wimpy, considering that a week ago, I was rocking 20 miles, but 12 miles just sounded absolutely miserable.

About 8 hilly miles in, my other IT band was starting to twinge a bit, so Carrie and I agreed to call it at a solid 10. During my 20 mile run, I realized that I desperately needed a new sports bra, so we hit up a running store on the way home, where I also picked up these bad boys…

I’m not in desperate need of new shoes yet, but with the updated Nike Free line (drooooooool….) just hitting stores, the older versions are on deep discounts, so I nabbed these puppies for $69! I totally geeked out when I opened the box and saw these awesome colors. With one shoe halfway on my foot, I exclaimed, “DONE! There are MINE!”

Anyway, this weather is completely messing with me. My 6 miler on Thursday was boiling hot (mainly because I was a dummy and ran at noon), but I froze my booty off Saturday and Sunday. Heat definitely affects my running, but I’m 100% convinced that the cold takes zaps twice as much of my energy. Every long run I do under about 50º completely wipes me out – after I stretched, rolled, and showered, I passed out on the couch for a good hour or so, and I am NOT a napper – it was glorious!

Although I didn’t hit my original mileage plan for the week, 24 miles is nothing to sneeze at either. I’m also trying to convince myself that it’s okay not to feel quite as motivated as I have for the past couple of months. I’ve been working hard, and now is the time to let my body rest – by the time race day rolls around, I’m sure that fire will be back and I’ll be itching to run!


3 thoughts on “Week 17 Training Recap

  1. I want those shoes! Sounds like you are listening to your body and doing what’s smart so good job! I know the irritation of tapering sometimes but it’s always worth it to have those super fresh legs for race day. Best of luck! — Ericka @ The Sweet Life (sweetlifeericka.com)

    • Thanks, Erika! It’s hard to slow down sometimes, but I’m going to try to embrace it. And I am ridiculously excited about neon green kicks!!! 🙂

  2. Slowing down is the worst part of training! We push and push and then when we have to slow down our body doesn’t want to slow down! I actually just went out and bought a new pair of free runs on discount today because I knew the new ones would knock the price down! I love these shoes, just wish I didn’t go through so many of them!

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