Week 16 Training Recap

Week 16 was a BIG week – in fact, it was the biggest week of training in my short running career – I finally hit a 40 mile week!

Weekly Running Total: 40.5 miles

This is, without a doubt, the best and most intense week of training in my life. Not only did I manage to pack in 40 miles  and 5 runs, including a two-a-day, I also still fit in 2 strength sessions and 1 cross training session with relative ease. I can honestly say that while this was the most I’ve ever attempted in a week, I didn’t feel the least bit stressed by it, and I never questioned that I would be able to fit in all of the workouts I hoped to do.

In fact, I’m overjoyed with how my mind and body handled this training volume. I know for some people, this would be considered a light week, and I hope that someday I’ll consider it light too – regardless, I feel like this is a watershed week for me.

The week started with hip hop class with Carrie, and built momentum with Two-A-Day Tuesday – a hilly treadmill run in the morning and a 5.5 mile group run with the Run Club at my local Life Time Fitness. This was actually my first ever group run! I had a great time and can’t wait to run more with these awesome folks! Wednesday, I did a solid 60 minute strength session with Carrie, and followed it up with an easy 4 miles on Thursday.

After my 20 mile run on Friday (in which I ran every single step, despite wanting to walk for the last 4 miles), I was astonished at how great I felt. Sure, the first hour after the run was a little rough, but after my ice bath, some hydration, a hearty meal, and a nice shower, I felt as good as new – good enough, in fact, to hit the town to celebrate a friend’s birthday!

Saturday morning, I awoke wondering whether I’d be stiff and sore but found myself bounding out of bed as if I hadn’t run a mile the day before, much less 20. I made my way to the gym and pulled out what I would consider a solid strength session on the best of days!

I finished up the week with a relaxing 8 mile run with Carrie and Noelle, another running friend – it was the perfect ending to a near-perfect week of training. The sun was shining, the wind was blowing, and I enjoyed some quality time with quality people. Never in a million years did I think that I would ever consider 8 miles an “easy” or “recovery” run, but this was just that, both physically and mentally.

I’m seriously amazed at my body’s ability to recover these days, and I hope that whatever I’m doing right I’m able to keep up with!

For now, though, it’s taper time – here’s to hoping that I don’t go too stir crazy…


6 thoughts on “Week 16 Training Recap

    • Thank you so much! I love being a part of the FitFluential family for that same reason – we all rock, collectively AND individually! 🙂

  1. I love group runs and wish I was able to do more of them. I found that when I increased my strength training, my body recovered from long runs quicker. And I wear compression socks/sleeves under my dress pants to work sometimes…love it!

    • Right now, I only wear them for recovery, and I use Tommie Copper calf sleeves. I love ’em! I’m considering getting some CEP or Zensah sleeves to wear while running. I’ve heard good things about them both, too!

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