Things I Learned While Running 20 Miles

  • I can run 20 miles straight without walking a single step. Rock. On.
  • I need a new sports bra, and pronto.
  • Running has removed whatever filter I had left. I will talk unabashedly about poop, snot, and chafing where the sun don’t shine anytime and anywhere.
  • I get cocky from miles 10 – 14. Don’t get cocky. You’re not even halfway done yet.
  • On that note, the halfway point is NOT at mile 10. It’s at mile 15, no less. The same goes for a marathon – halfway is not 13.1, it’s mile 20, at least.
  • The first 15 miles are awesome and fly by.
  • Every step after that is infinitely harder than the one before it, and the miles seem interminable.
  • If I feel like walking, all I have to do is say, “NO touching WALKING!” in the style of Arrested Development.
  • At a certain point, it hurts more to run slower.
  • Games make it better.
  • Dogs do not. Please dogs, do not jump out at me at mile 18.8. I am not on my A-game at that point. Or even my B-game.
  • After about 18 miles, I sound like Lord Voldemort.
  • After about 19 miles, thinking becomes really difficult.
  • No matter how much you claim to prefer running alone, the saying is true- misery really does love company.
  • Especially when it comes in the form of Carrie.
  • I feel sorry for people who don’t get to run with her, cuz she’s totally awesome.

It sounds like I had a horrible 20 mile run. Don’t be fooled. In fact, it was awesome, and I killed it.

That is all.

3 thoughts on “Things I Learned While Running 20 Miles

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