Week 15 Training Recap

Week 14 was taper week, week 15 was recovery week!

I took it easy this week to let my body recover fully from Athens before tackling 20 miles this upcoming weekend. Life also threw me some obstacles, so a lighter week was just what I needed, and I was still able to get some good, quality miles in along with some strength training!

  • Monday: Rest!
  • Tuesday: 4 miles @ 11:18, 15 minute elliptical wu/cd
  • Wednesday: 60 minute personal training session
  • Thursday: Rest!
  • Friday: 15 miles @ 11:22
  • Saturday: Rest!
  • Sunday: 9 miles @ 9:22, 20 minute walk with the family

Weekly Running Total: 28 miles

I normally do some light cross training on Mondays, but took the day off entirely to let me legs rest. My Wednesday training session went well as usual – lots of strength training goodness. Every week I love strength training even more!

I took an unplanned rest day on Thursday thanks to what I like to call the Middle School Ick. The huz teaches 8th grade science and occasionally brings home “the ick.” Thankfully, it was short-lived for both of us, but I thought it best not to push it, so I canceled my planned CRT class + 5 mile run in favor of hot tea and rest.

I normally run long on Sundays, but with family in town I thought it best to swap it for Friday so I made sure to get it in. My Friday 15 were great – I tried really hard to keep a slow, steady pace. On runs longer than 10 miles, I get a little cocky between miles 8 and 12 and push the speed to my detriment later, so I concentrated on maintaining steady splits in those miles, and I’m proud to say I ran every single step of those 15 miles. I also got to venture our into a different neighborhood and enjoy the amazing sunshine.

My last run of the week was one of those runs – the kind that come out of nowhere and remind me why I love this crazy thing called running so much. Every single mile was faster than the one before it, and felt completely effortless in the gorgeous spring sun.

I’m very glad I took a lighter week, but I’m ready for the 2 more intense weeks of marathon training before the taper begins!


2 thoughts on “Week 15 Training Recap

  1. You are so good! I have a love/hate relationship with running and always feel jealous of people who are truly “runners” as I don’t put myself in such a category! Glad you listened to you body and still had a killer workout week.

    • Thanks, Talia! Believe it or not, I once HATED running – I’m talking true despise. I have NO clue what changed, but obviously something did! 🙂

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