Race Recap: Athens Half Marathon!

The race starts with a bang – a cannon blast to be specific. Scared the bejeezus out of us. Heart rate through the roof, and we haven’t even started running yet!

Mile 1: Ian

11:02 pace

My rock. My biggest supporter. The most kind, most loyal man I know. Stood around for hours upon hours to get photos not just of me, but Carrie, too. A keeper, for sure.

Here we go. Let’s do this. Slow and steady.

Mile 2: Mom

11:08 pace

Okay fine, maybe Mom and Ian tie for biggest supporter. My hero. Strongest person I know. Relentless. Tireless. The person I call first.

Holding steady. Mile markers seem to be off – hit marker 2 at only 1.8 on my Garmin. Weird. Hop on the bikepath and settle in for the long haul.

Mile 3: Barbara

11:12 pace

Friend. Roommate. Soon-to-be wildlife veterinarian. Inspiring dedication and will to succeed despite all setbacks. Unstoppable. Hilarious. Adorable. Awesome.

Feeling nice and loose. Keep it up.

Mile 4: Carly + Jesse

11:20 pace

One of the sweetest couples ever. They just make sense. Both so ambitious, but down to earth. Always there when you need them. So excited for their grand new adventure together.

Still going strong. Feeling confident. We got this.

Mile 5: Gracie + Kevin

11:20 pace

Incredibly giddy that such a wonderful gal met such a wonderful guy. Excited to share more adventures with them both, ecstatic that they found each other, and so grateful to be their friend.

Have we been running for almost an hour already? This is awesome.

Mile 6: Mel

10:30 pace

Spunky. Gorgeous. Iron-willed. Relentless. Inspiring. Can’t wait to do this all (and more!) with her again.

And the time has come for us to part ways at the half marathon turn-around. Godspeed to Carrie for the next 15 miles – I’ll see you again soon!

Mile 7: Mama + Harry + Tristan

8:56 pace

My second family, and honored to be a part of it. Thankful that I have such amazing, loving, talented, and supportive in-laws. I’ve always wanted a little brother, and now I have an awesome one – even if he is a grumpopotomus every now and then… hehe.

Channeling my inner speed-demon. Flying over the pavement without a care in the world. This pace feels soo good, even with 6 miles under my belt…

Mile 8: Erika

8:52 pace

Independent. Fiery. Opinionated. Dependable. Trustworthy. Ambitious. Excited to see what’s in store for her. Cannot wait to race again with her again someday!

Still flying! Where is this coming from?! Don’t really care, just keep pushing.

Mile 9: Nettie + Boris

8:56 pace

Best big sister I could have asked for. Loving mama, kick-butt professional, fun-loving.

Starting to get tired. Hit marker 9 at 9.5 miles on my Garmin?! Okay, now what’s going on with these markers? This is messing with my head. Just keeping pushing.

Mile 10: Dad

8:59 pace

No words, only emotions. All of them, all at once. So much hurt, and so much joy.

Feeling a little nauseous. Feet don’t fail me now – feet don’t fail me now!

Mile 11: Ken Kaiser

9:02 pace

Inspiring educator. Dedicated coach. Relentless. Tireless. Fighting the battle of his life, winning every day, and inspiring others to be their best. Draw from his strength, and send him some of your own.

One step at a time. Ignore the pain – this is nothing.

Mile 12: Veronika

9:10 pace

Most adorable 18 month old to ever live. So much love. Can’t wait to see her grow up into a strong, confident young woman.

Push. Not much left, but not much farther to go.

Mile 13: Carrie

9:04 pace

Kind. Dependable. Trustworthy. Hilarious. Keep it up, Carrie. You’re doing great, I’m sure – almost halfway there!

Lungs and legs burning – use it as fuel.

Mile .1: ME!

7:47 pace

Oh, what a journey it has been. This time a year ago, I was completing my longest run ever – 12 miles – in preparation for my first half marathon. Now, a half marathon is a step-back week on the way to my second full marathon. The body and mind make an amazing team. Go harder – this is a celebration.

Final Time:

2:14:52 / 10:14 average pace

After my race was over, Ian and I grabbed a quick lunch and headed out to Mile 21, where I met up with Carrie and kept her company for the last 5.2 miles of her first marathon.

I’m so proud of Carrie for an amazing first marathon, and for the hours and hard work she put in to get here.

Here’s to many more miles together!

3 thoughts on “Race Recap: Athens Half Marathon!

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  2. Great recap! And great race! I love that you wrote out a different person to think about for each mile – each description was perfect. Fantastic attitude!

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