Living Up: The Great

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I’ve never understood the concept of tearing other people down to build yourself up. Maybe it comes from my so-called “lack of competitiveness.”

Growing up, I was told I lacked a competitive drive. Why a 6 year-old needs a competitive drive, I’ll never know, but I attribute it to our society’s focus on always getting ahead, no matter what.

I took offense to the idea that I wasn’t competitive. Just because I’m not ruthless, doesn’t mean I lack that fire.

To me, it’s not a competition unless everyone is performing their best. A true competitive spirit lies in pushing others to perform at their best, to live up to their true potential, while challenging yourself to do the same and drawing strength, purpose, and renewed inspiration from your competitors. Another person’s success in no way diminishes your own, just as your accomplishments in no way diminish theirs.

Strive to be the person who inspires others to be the best version of themselves.

When my husband and I got married, we included a very important statement in our vows.

Together, we are more than two.

Together we are stronger than we are separately. Together we can accomplish more. Together we can build each other up to new heights. Together we can inspire us all to be more, to be greater.

This is my ultimate goal in life – to be the person who is continually learning from others to be great, and showing others that they too, can become great.

Living Up asks you to discover, encourage, define, and expand your deepest soul and commit to living up to the spirit within. Join the conversation in the comments section on this post, on the Living Up page, or on Twitter by using the hashtag #LivingUp.

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