Week 13 Training Recap

I went into week 13 knowing that it would be challenge – not because I had difficult workouts planned, but because I had gotten into a really great routine and that would be tested.

Normally, my week looks like this:

  • Monday: Cross Training
  • Tuesday: Speedy Run
  • Wednesday: Strength Training
  • Thursday: Cardio/Strength Training
  • Friday: Easy – Moderate Run
  • Saturday: Rest!
  • Sunday: Sunday (Long) Runday!

I’ve found a really nice balance and spread of workouts that fits into my schedule, and I couldn’t be happier. This week, though, the Huz and I were out of town for most of the week. Couple that with a loaded up work schedule on Monday and Tuesday, and I knew my routine wouldn’t hold.

Thankfully, I was still able to get in 5 workouts compared to my normal 6…

  • Monday: Rest + light leg workout
  • Tuesday: 4 miles @ 9:46, 20 minute wu/cd on elliptical
  • Wednesday: 60 minute personal training session, 15 minute wu on elliptical
  • Thursday: 3.5 miles (watchless)
  • Friday: Rest!
  • Saturday: 3.5 miles @ 9:12
  • Sunday: 12 miles @ 11:59

Weekly Running Total: 23 miles

I did only get 1 strength session compared to my normal 2, and although I got 4 runs in, they weren’t as stellar as they have been in the last few weeks, but all in all, I’m really happy that I was able to still get a solid training week while away from home, gym access, and my routine.

I definitely plan on getting back on my normal 2 strength training sessions bandwagon during week 14, but I’ll be taking it just a bit easy this week on the running – I have a half marathon to crush on Sunday!

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