Week 12 Training Recap

Another solid week in the books!

I’ve really gotten into a groove in these past few weeks – light cross training plus a couple stretch out miles on Monday, running on Tuesday, strength on Wednesday, cross/strength on Thursday, running on Friday, rest day Saturday, and Sunday Runday!

  • Monday: 2 miles @ 10:30, 60 minute hip hop class
  • Tuesday: 3 mile speedy run @ 9:06, 20 minute wu/cd on elliptical
  • Wednesday: 60 minute Strictly Strength class
  • Thursday: 60 minute CRT class
  • Friday: 5 miles @ 10:28
  • Saturday: Rest!
  • Sunday: 18 miles @ 11:38

Weekly Running Total: 28 miles

When I purchased personal training sessions, I could only spring for 2 per month. So this Wednesday, I hopped into the Strictly Strength class, taught by the same instructor as CRT on Thursdays. While I still prefer the heart-pump of CRT, I think Strictly Strength is a great alaternative during my non-personal training weeks!

I had some really stellar runs this week, including a speedy session on the treadmill, my first hilly miles since bailing on a 14 miler in January, and a solo Sunday Runday of a whopping 18 miles.

I have to admit, 18 miles was daunting, especially since Carrie couldn’t join me. I hit the Heritage Trail again, perservered through 3 miles of downpour and was rewarded with 15 miles of nothing but blue skies.

The first 15 miles flew by. My first 3 miles came in around 11:20 each, and then I found it really easy to maintain a pace around the fast 11s and dipped into the fast 10s around miles 9-11, but I had that sinking feeling that those “fast” miles would come back to haunt me.

Sure enough, I was hurting by mile 16, but held out to finish with an average pace of 11:38. Going into this long run, I wanted to come in around 11:45, so I did beat my goal, however I do wish I had held back a little more during those middle miles. Had I maintained the 11:20 pace that felt easy, I may have even been able to come in under 11:30!

All in all, it was a good run. I had no fueling issues, although I did run out of water with 3 miles left. I’ll definitely be more careful next time, especially since it’s much hotter than normal here (high 70s!). I stretched and rolled really well last night, and my legs felt pretty darn good today. I was definitely more tired than usual, but I slept in rather than hitting the gym and made sure to refuel well.

I’m really pleased so far with how my body is handling the mileage. Since refocusing on strength and cross training, my body seems to be recovering more quickly, and I find myself craving a good strength session if I haven’t done one in a few days. I feel worlds away from January, when I would only run 28 miles a week and feel I’d been hit by a truck. During week 12, I ran 28 miles, did 2 cross training sessions and 2 strength sessions and have never felt better!

In other less happy news, my laptop suddenly took a turn for the worse this morning and is currently in AppleLand getting fixed. I feel slightly lost without it (and all my music, photos, and more), so posting may be even less than normal this week. Once my laptop returns, I’ll have more exciting stuff on the way – think Staying Safe, Living Up, and maybe even some Friendspiration…

Week 13 may be a little wonky as far as my weekly groove goes, but I’m confident that I can roll with the punches and get in some quality workouts despite a crazy schedule!

Now here’s to hoping Mr. PT doesn’t completely kill my legs before next weekends 20 miler… 🙂


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