Week 8 Training Recap

Week 8 was a great week of training: 3 strong & solid runs, 2 strength training sessions, 2 cross training sessions, 1 climbing session, and 1 group fitness class that kicked my butt.

  • Monday: 30 minute elliptical, squats lunges, core, ITB exercises.
  • Tuesday: Rest.
  • Wednesday: 3 miles @ 10:46. 15 minute WU/CD on elliptical, squats, lunges, hammies, glutes, biceps, triceps, core, ITB exercises.
  • Thursday: 60 minute CRT (Cardio Resistance Training) group fitness class
  • Friday: 5 miles @ 10:23, ITB exercises.
  • Saturday: Climb7 routes
  • Sunday: 10 miles @ 10:44, ITB exercises.

Weekly Running Total: 18 miles

It feels really great to be settling into a solid routine that still provides me with some variety and flexibility. I had some great runs this week, although my IT Band seems to have an upper limit. It seems I can do about 8 miles completely pain-free, but some discomfort sets in after that. It’s nowhere near the pain I felt before – more like a dull ache. I’m not going to push it too much farther in the next couple weeks, but focus on my ITB exercises and some strength building. Plans for the Flying Pig marathon are still up in the air, but I keep reminding myself that I can always run a fall marathon if a spring marathon doesn’t happen. As long as I can run at all, I’m happy for now!

I really enjoyed my strength training this week – I did some on my own and then mixed it up with a group fitness class called CRT. It’s an interval based class that combined cardio with strength training for a 60 minute workout. It was GREAT, and kicked my butt in the best possible way. I will definitely become a Thursday morning regular!

The Huz  & I have really come to enjoy our weekend climbing sessions. Our first date was actually at a climbing wall, as well, so it’s a bit of a sentimental hobby for us. I love that it’s a full-body workout, but also very social, and there’s nothing like that pumped feeling at the end of a good climbing session. Except maybe that spent feeling at the end of a long run.

I find that I’m starting to challenge myself on harder routes, now. My muscles have become a bit more accustomed to climbing, and I’m able to hit the more technical routes and really figure them out. I love really crimpy, technical climbs that involve balancy moves. I sometimes think of climbing as a vertical puzzle – you have to figure out the proper sequence of moves that will get you to the top most efficiently. It’s a workout for the body and the mind!

If my brief climbing talk has you wanting to know more about the world of rock climbing, I’ll be back with a primer on rock climbing lingo in the next few weeks!


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