Vega Sport Performance Nutrition

I don’t talk much about food here on ye old blog. While I love food, whether making it or eating, it (okay fine, mostly eating it), I just don’t like writing about it.

That being said, nutrition is a huge part of running and running well. I try to get most of my nutritional needs from whole food sources instead of supplements, but sometimes that can be difficult or impractical. I’m still figuring out my fueling needs and preferences, so I was excited when the lovely folks at Vega offered to send me a sample pack of the new Vega Sport performance system. It comes in a super-nifty package – my camera is malfunctioning at the moment, so I’m lacking in the photo department, but check out Tamara’s video and review over at fitknitchick!

From the Vega website,

Vega Sport is the first, complete, all-natural, plant-based sport performance system, specifically developed in three comprehensive stages to help you perform at your best, without compromise—before, during and after training.

The kicker for me is that Vega products are entirely plant-based. While I’m not vegan, I definitely appreciate a plant-based diet and try to minimize the meat and dairy products I consume. If you have food sensitivities, Vega may be a good option for you, too – their products are dairy-, gluten-, and soy-free, and contain no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. I’d call that a win-win-win.

I was a bit worried that I wouldn’t find some of the flavors appetizing. I can be pretty picky when it comes to flavors for my gels and powders, but I was pleasantly surprised! The chocolate coconut protein bar was by far the best tasting bar I’ve ever eaten, and I really liked the Recovery Accelerator. Anything that will help me recover more quickly is something I want in on. I used the raspberry and orange zest endurance gels on my 10 mile run yesterday and had zero stomach issues. In my normal life, I have a stomach of steel, but running gives me major issues. Gels and I don’t normally get along, but these were smooth sailing!

Beyond loving their products, I love that Vega’s website provides tons of information about endurance training, nutrition, and how to use their products to their full potential. For example, here’s a nifty usage chart that outlines what to use when (click the photo for the full-sized chart). As you can see, the Vega Sport line includes 3 phases: prepare, sustain, recover, each with a specific purpose within your workout. I love that they make it easy to figure out a plan for your workouts.

I wish I could wax poetic about all the intricacies of this line (BCAAS! Glycemic Index! Glutamine! Electrolytes!) but dietician expert I am not. If you’d like to know more about each individual product, here’s a quick and dirty article on the Washington Times community page. What I can say that I used these for my workouts this week and saw a marked improvement in my recovery time, DOMS, and energy levels. A highly unscientific report, yes, but it was enough for me to say that I’ll be entrusting my fueling fate to Vega from now on.

I liked almost every product Vega sent me, but unfortunately our budget won’t allow me to fill my pantry with all of them, so I picked 2 to stock up on for now – Endurance Gels and Recovery Accelerator, come to me!

What’s your favorite Vega product? I’d love to hear about it!


14 thoughts on “Vega Sport Performance Nutrition

  1. Dear Vega, send me stuff to try. Thanks!
    ps: love your reviews… but MORE so love your posts on ‘safety’. I haven’t been out and about much lately ::insert sad face:: but when I am the paranoid in me is always constantly alert, which makes the adventure less fun. So having a resource here to look over before heading out makes me feel more at ease and in turn much more fun!

    • Thanks, Basak, that means a lot to me – and it’s EXACTLY what I was hoping those posts would be, a quick & dirty resource! I’m a pretty cautious person, too, but it gets better. The more confidant I become in my skills, the less paranoid I feel, and the more fun I have!

    • Anytime! I thought the box was so cool, too, and wanted to show it off, but then my silly camera went kaput! I do like the protein powder, and I actually found it to be tastier than a lot of other powders and not quite as chalky. I almost always use mine in a green smoothie, too, so that probably masks some of the flavor, as well.

  2. I’m always trying to find ways to improve my nutrition before, during, and after my races and workouts. A number of the gels I’ve tried haven’t agreed with my stomach, or they are too thick or sticky. The bars are too chuncky or chewy, and difficult to deal with when time is limited.

    As I am training for the U.S. Track & Field Olympic Team Trials (20km Race Walk – 18 weeks, 4 days away), I thought I would give Vega a try when I saw it at a Milwaukee area natural foods store.

    I tried the line of Vega Sport products for the first time two Sundays ago, and again this past Sunday. I really enjoyed them. I didn’t have any stomach issues after, I also found it cool that they put so many different fruits, nuts, and seeds in the products that I had never tried before. Who knew that there were white chia seeds? I thought there were only one kind.

    I enjoyed both flavors of the Pre-Workout Energizer, Lemon-Lime and Acai Berry. I also enjoyed the Acai Berry Endurance Bar. I did not buy the Mocha (not a fan of Mocha). The Orange Zest and Raspberry Gels were yummy. Both flavors of the Protein Bars, for after my workouts, were tasty. I enjoyed the Vanilla Performance Protein after as well, but I did not like the Berry at all.

    Overall, I really liked their products. I need to go back to Outpost Natural Foods in Bay View, Wisconsin, to buy some more!

    P.S. – How did you get a sample pack from Vega?

    • I agree, the gels were very tasty – the seediness surprised me at first, but I really liked that they didn’t have that artificial flavor that other gels have.

      I’m a FitFluential Ambassador, and was sent a sample pack thanks to my involvement with them!

  3. hi janene, 60 years young, heart rate at 39 beats per min. was just a distance runner when i was younger, now i do other things that are endurance and heart rate oriented. i took up unicycling last summer when i turned 60. it’s a hoot. i have done racewalking in the past and you can max your heart rate out doing that too. should you decided to vary your workouts, there a host of other things that will keep the ticker going strong.

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