Living Up

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Living Up.

live up to:

1. To live or act in accordance with
2. To prove equal to
3. To carry out or fulfill
4. To be as good as you said or thought something would be

Standards. Expectations. Reputation. Your end of the deal.

When we see living up in this light, it sounds like a burden. This kind of living up means living life as defined by others – their expectations for our behavior, their perceptions of our skills & abilities, their definition of our personality, their set of ideals & values.

Instead, I challenge you to live up to your own spirit – reclaim living up as your own.

Living up begins with acknowledging that which exists within your deepest soul.

What will you find?

Living Up asks you to discover, encourage, define, and expand your deepest soul and commit to living up to the spirit within. Join the conversation in the comments section on this post, on the Living Up page, or on Twitter by using the hashtag #LivingUp.


4 thoughts on “Living Up

  1. I love this twist. Too often the phrase “living up to” is dependent on another’s views/expectations etc. I love that you flipped it around to live up to you! Well done 🙂

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