Tommie Copper Compression Gear

2012 got off to a bit of a rough start. It started on a high note with my fifth half marathon, but quickly took a turn. I spent 5 weeks training for a marathon and praying that my legs would hold out when all signs pointed to a resounding NO.

After a 10 mile hurt-fest that had my right knee and shin hurting for days, I knew something had to give. For the most part, my woes came in the form of IT band pain. But, I also noticed that my calves stayed tight far longer after my runs than they usually do.

Thankfully, around that time, Tommie Copper sent me some calf compression sleeves to review! From their website,

This unique compression uses multi-directional support and proprietary copper-infused yarn to provide relief from arthritis and other joint pains, promote muscle recovery and reduce inflammation all while being comfortable enough to be worn throughout the entire day.

Besides the usual benefits of compression (increased circulation, reduced inflammation, and reduced muscle vibration during activity), Tommie Copper compression gear incorporates copper-woven threads. Historically, Copper has been known to “stimulate the immune system to fight infections, to repair injured tissues, and to promote healing. Copper has been shown to neutralize “free-radicals” which can cause severe damage to cells.” source.

Based on their sizing chart, I fell right at the smaller end of medium, so that’s what I went with. Having only used bulky neoprene sleeves before, I wasn’t sure how these would feel. My first thought was that they seemed so thin, I wasn’t sure they would do much compressing. As soon as I put them on though, they felt snug but comfortable. REALLY comfortable. It’s winter, so I can’t speak to this fully, but I have a feeling these would be great for the summer – thin, quick drying, and thanks to the copper, antimicrobial.

I have worn them running, although I’ve been doing less of that lately than I’d like. Even so, they stayed put for the entire run and were so comfy I forgot I was wearing them. While I obviously can’t tell if the copper is doing it’s thang, I can say that Tommie Copper lives up to that claim. I mostly wear them to bed, and even after an entire night’s sleep, they’re just as comfortable as they were when I went to sleep.

Admittedly, I’ve been doing less running in the past few weeks. But, I have upped my cross training game significantly, and these babies have kept my calves knot-free and my shins happy. I ran three times last week, and each run was pain-free, and followed up with some quality time with Tommie. So far, I’m digging the results, and I consider these my newest training partner. I plan on wearing them during and after my long runs and whenever my calves need a pick-me-up.

To see Tommie Copper compression in action, check out the Dr. Oz show tomorrow, February 9th! Check your local listing for the time!

If you’re interested in the science & physiology behind compression, check out these articles. I’ll admit, I don’t fully understand most of it, but I still find it interesting!

Runners Connect -Benefits of Compression Clothing for Runners

Runners World – Gear for Runners, by Peter Sagal

Running Times – Compression Gear: Hype or Helpful? by Mackenzie Lobby

The Science of Running – Compression Socks, by Steve Magness


9 thoughts on “Tommie Copper Compression Gear

  1. I LOVE mine. I use the TC for recovery and something else for performance (CEP) but TC is aimed more for recovery anyway so it’s all good. You’re lucky they sent you a pair. They have the greatest customer service and social media too IMO

    • ABSOLUTELY! I totally meant to mention that in my review, and forgot! I’ll have to go back and add it. Their customer service is AMAZING. 🙂

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