Marathon 2: Week 6 – DOING IT.

The decision has been made. I won’t be running the Athens Marathon this year. But, I WILL be running the Athens Half Marathon this year.

In the wake of my IT band issues and in the interests of coming back strong and giving Marathon #2 all that I have to give, I’m going to wait. I want redemption, not a hobble to the finish, better judgement be damned.

You might think I’d be bummed.

But, I’m very happy about this decision and excited about the all the new physical challenges that I’m adding to my running routine.

I may have decided to forgo 26.2 for now, but I can still sum up Week 6 in 2 words:

{ Mmm hmm. You know it. }

That’s because week 6 looked like this:

  • Monday: Rest. I spent the day babysitting my niece – that was a workout in and of itself!
  • Tuesday: 60 minutes of cardio (elliptical/stairs), planks, IT Band rehab.
  • Wednesday: 1 mile @ 10:24, NO PAIN! 20 minutes on bike, legs.
  • Thursday: Rest, IT Band rehab.
  • Friday: 2 miles @ 11:24, 30 min on the elliptical, plank variations (Thanks to Tina Reale!) IT band rehab, arms.
  • Saturday: Climbing (5 routes), Swam 200m
  • Sunday: 3 miles @ 10:30, Climbing (6 routes), IT Band rehab.

Weekly Running Total: 6 miles

It was an AWESOME week. I got really comfortable in they gym and did everything except take a yoga or group fitness class. I saw a really fun one today that I’ll be hitting up soon. Hip Hop Zumba? Yes plz. Those people were DRIPPING in sweat 3 minutes in. My 6 miles for the week were all run on the treadmill since I wanted to take it easy and see how my legs would hold up. I’ll be hitting the streets again this week, though, and I’m excited!

The huz & I climbed twice this weekend and it was FANTASTIC. It felt so great to be back, and although I’ll need to build back some muscle strength, I did surprisingly well considering I hadn’t touched rock (or plastic…) in well over a year. I was still able to finesse my way through most anything, including a pretty steep overhang – that’s where good technique comes in! It reminded me what an AMAZING total body workout climbing is – arms, chest, shoulders, abs, legs… it all gets worked, and in different ways on every route. My forearms were pumped beyond belief – I had to ask for help getting my locker open because I literally couldn’t grip the key enough to get it in. My skin is definitely feeling tender,  but those calluses will be back in no time. Climbing will be the PERFECT compliment to my running in the long run.

{ ready and waiting by the front door! }

After climbing on Saturday, Ian and I hit the pool for a few laps. We made it 200 meters before deciding we better not kill ourselves. Swimmers we are not – good thing our main objective was the hot tub. I gotta say, 200 meters kicked my butt.

I’ll be back, pool… I’ll be back.

5 thoughts on “Marathon 2: Week 6 – DOING IT.

  1. IT band issues are very frustrating–I am currently dealing with one right now and haven’t been able to run in almost 2 months. Like you, I have been doing cross trainining and swimming a good amount and its definitely helping. I am dropping out of the Hyannis Half Marathon at the end of this month and hopefully entering some shorter races for this spring and summer. It’s hard backing off!

    • Check out Strength Running! I use his IT band rehab routine, and it has seriously worked wonders for me! That’s a huge bummer about your race – it is SO hard to back off! I think I’m lucky that I backed off when I did, before I really hurt myself. I hope your return to running happens soon!

  2. Great job on the running this week! One of these days I need to try climbing (although in this area, that means mostly indoors). Sounds like an awesome complement to running!

    • I climb mostly indoors around here too – it’s a great way to prepare to climb outside though, and world class climbing is only about 4 hours south of me. I’m hoping to gain some muscle back and then hit the road to get outside for a weekend at some point. You should definitely try it, it’s so much fun!

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