Marathon 2: Week 5 Training Recap

Week 5 started on a not so great note. My last long run had me discouraged and frustrated that my legs didn’t seem to be handling marathon training very well… at all. It was clear that my body was telling me to lay off. So, I laid of for 3 days and then tried a run – mainly to see what I was dealing with – would a few days of rest help or am I looking at a week or two (or more… eek!) of no running?

Turns out I’m off running for at least 2 self-imposed weeks. My IT band is in desperate need of some TLC, and running is making it worse.

  • Monday: 30 minute walk to shake out the legs.
  • Tuesday: Rest
  • Wednesday: Rest
  • Thursday: 3 miles @ 11:46 / 1 mile warm up/cool down
  • Friday: IT Band rehab, 3 x 1:00 plank
  • Saturday: 20 min stationary bike @ 17 mph / 2 elliptical miles in 18:47 / shoulders, back & core
  • Sunday: IT Band rehab, 3 x 1:00 plank

Weekly Running Total: 4 miles

Obviously Week 5 didn’t go as planned, but as the week wore on, I became more optimistic about the situation – AND, the huz and I officially joined a gym  on Saturday – hence the biking /elliptical/strength routine!

{ Lifetime Fitness - my marathon training savior! Click for source. }

Our apartment complex does have a “gym,” but it’s a pretty sorry excuse for one. The TV has been ripped off the wall, the door barely locks, and there are broken cables laying everywhere. I ran on the treadmill there all of twice in the last 8 months, but it really skeezes me out, so I generally avoid it. Having access to a bright, shiny gym with hundreds of cardio & weight machines, free weights, 3 pools, sauna, hot tub, group fitness classes, yoga & pilates, and best of all – a climbing wall, has me so freakin’ excited, I could explode.

The member services coordinator we worked with at Lifetime was really helpful. He got to know what our fitness interests were, and as a part of our deal, Ian & I will each get a free assessment with a personal trainer; after I mentioned my IT band issues and running goals, he signed me up for a free session with the personal trainer who manages their running club. It’s nice to know that I’ll have the chance to work with someone who could tailor a program to my running goals and even help with my recovery.

I’m really excited about the climbing wall – I’ve been saying that I want to get back into climbing for awhile now, but it hasn’t happened because I knew we’d likely be joining a gym, and I wasn’t sure we could afford to join both a gym AND a climbing gym. Now, we don’t have to! Same thing with yoga – it’s all included in our membership, so no excuses now!

{ Click for source. }

I’m also really excited to have access to a pool – and Masters swim classes! Confession: I’ve never truly swam. Growing up, I had a pool in my backyard, but it was more of  splash around with friends kind of thing. It’ll be a fun new adventure to tackle swimming for fitness. Ya got any tips or beginner workouts for a swimming newbie??

{ Click for source. }

After our Saturday morning workout, my legs finally felt happy – they felt tired and worked, but they also felt loose and strong. No IT band pain whatsoever and no tightness in my hips. I can’t tell you how AWESOME that feels after two weeks of feeling like they were just balls of knots, soreness, and dead weight.

While my plans for the Athens Marathon are somewhat up in the air at this point, I’m unbelievably excited about making strength and cross training as much a part of my running arsenal as running itself – and to return to running stronger than ever!

Hellllooooo, week 6 – and climbing, yoga, and so much more!


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