Marathon 2: Week 3 Training Recap

Week 3 is done-zo.

And it was okay. Not stellar but not horrible either. When I left off last week, I had just abruptly ended a long run run 3 miles early with some ugly IT band / hamstring pain. I spent last Sunday evening icing and stretching. I’ve found this simple 10 minute yoga sequence to be really helpful in the past week.

I’ve started doing this and some other hip stretches nearly daily, and my hips and knees feel much better. So much better that Week 3 looked like this…

  • Monday: Hip opening sequence 2x (once in the morning and again at night); 50 side leg lifts on each side and 50 squats to help strengthen that area. 4 x 1:00 planks – :30 on hands straight into :30 on forearms.
  • Tuesday: 3 miles @ 10:28 to test out the legs. A little tight, but loosened up well! 2 x 90 sec planks on forearms
  • Wednesday: 3 x 1:00 planks, 15 minutes of yoga, and some time spent on crow and the beginnings of a headstand
  • Thursday: 14 miles @ 11:24 –  a good, solid long run! Tired by the end, but very little leg pain or discomfort! Stretched it out and iced afterward. 1:00 plank. More work on crow & headstand.
  • Friday: Rest 1:00 plank. Crow, headstand, and lots of stretching.
  • Saturday: 6 mi @ 9:52 on the treadmill – warmed up for 1 mile @ 11:00, then did half mile repeats between 9:00 and 9:30 before cooling down. 2 x :45 plank on forearms.
  • Sunday: 7 miles @ 10:38 / 2 mile walk / 1:00 plank

Weekly Running Total : 30 miles

Overall, I am VERY pleased with week 3. Considering the pain I was in at the end of my long run last week, I was worried about how I’d be able to keep up with training this week. Although I didn’t quite hit my mileage goals these last 2 weeks, I’ve hit 30 miles each week, and I’ve built a stronger base from which to build mileage. I had a good solid long run, and despite my troubles last week, still got a decent speedier run in as well. I mentioned last week that I wondered what effect my Asics Gel Cumulus 11s were having on my hip & knee issues, so I switched back to my Nike Free Run+ 2 shoes and I have to say, I felt much better. It could be a placebo effect, but I don’t really care  – if it feels better, I’ll take it.

As far as other goals went, I stuck with #PlankADay but I have let the 30 Day Burpee challenge slide. I guess I just wasn’t feeling it and found that I was half-assing my way through it –  a surefire way to hurt myself. So, I’ll shelve that one for now. Can’t do everything, I suppose. I have yet make it a yoga class, but I did incorporate a lot of yoga work into my schedule at home. I worked on crow and the beginnings of a headstand at least 3 nights this week.

I also found what is proving to be my new bible…. The Competitive Runners Handbook, by Bob Glover and Shelly-lynn Florence Glover. I picked it up at Half Price Books the other day, and I’m reading it from cover to cover – it’s that good. It’s given me renewed hope that my 4:30 goal is indeed possible with hard work and smart training.  Trust me, I’ll be writing more about this gem soon!

It’s great to finally feel the way I should at the beginning of a new training week – rested and ready to tackle everything Week 4 has to offer!


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