Are You A Tough Chik?

What does “tough chick” mean to me?

A tough chick is someone who doesn’t give up. When things get tough, she gets tougher. She thrives on pushing beyond her current abilities, always growing and expanding her limits. She’s become comfortable with being uncomfortable, with feeling pain because she knows that the pain will make her stronger – both during the race and in life.

And she probably also likes a girls’ night… the kind with PJs, wine, pizza, and sappy romcoms. Just sayin’.

What is Tough Chik?

From the Tough Chik blog

Tough Chik is not just a clothing line, it is an outlook on life.  All women have a personal story that makes them tough and our goal is to celebrate Tough Chik triumphs in a creative way.  We want to revolutionize women’s performance apparel by linking it to something more profound than just pretty designs.

As Team Tough Chik, we are designers, marketers, runners and cyclists that feed on creative expression.  We are proud of our shin splints, scars and pedicures.  We strive to support women of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds who celebrate life and seek to conquer its challenges and adventures.

The best part of Tough Chik is not just that it provides high quality performance clothing that comes in colors other than baby pink and powder blue – you know what I’m talking about (seriously, apparel companies, get with the program).

Tough Chik takes good-looking apparel to a new level – when you buy Tough Chik, you’re also supporting to the Athena Project, which provides women who have survived traumatic medical setbacks the opportunity and support necessary to fulfill their adventurous and athletic dreams… anyone wanna explore the Grand Canyon or Florida Keys? Yeah, me too.

I’m excited to be a part of Team Tough Chik in 2012, and I’m curious to know…

What does “tough chick” mean to you?


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