Marathon 2: Week 2 Training Recap

Week 2 is in the bag.

I’ll say it was an interesting week. I had a couple really awful runs, one really good one, and one that ended early and with ice packs. Thankfully I know that bad runs count, sometimes even more than good ones – it’s from them that we learn important lessons.


What I should really say is: Slow down when you need to so that you can hit it hard when you need to.

Week 2 looked a little something like this:

  • Monday: Quickie strength – push ups, side (:30 each)/elbow/hand planks (1:00 each), 5 burpees
  • Tuesday: 6 mi “tempo” that turned into “don’t fall on your butt” @ 10:26, elbow plank (1:15), 6 burpees
  • Wednesday: 4 miles @ 10:33 / 4 miles @ 10:59, side planks (:45 each), 7 burpees
  • Thursday: REST, 2×1:00 on elbows, 1:00 on hands, :30 each side, 12 burpees
  • Friday: 5 mi (including 4 x 800) @ 10:28, 2×1:05 plank on elbows, :30 each side, 13 burpees
  • Saturday: REST, 1:30 plank on hands, 2x:30 each side, 14 burpees
  • Sunday: 14 miles 10.8 miles @  11:01, 2×1:00 plank on hands, :45 each side, 15 burpees

Weekly Running Total: 29.8 miles

Weekly Burpee Total: 57

Week 2 was difficult. Earlier in the week, I struggled with a couple of runs, I determined the reason, adjusted my plan, and moved on quickly. Then yesterday, I had to call my long run just before 11 miles. Carrie and I stopped to take a bathroom break, and WHAM! My right hamstring and knee started hurting. I mean really hurting. I skedaddled it on home to ice, rest, stretch, and Google the heck out of knee pain. I’m 99% sure it all comes down to IT band issues. Today the pain is much much less, but I have to say that my legs and joints feel more like I ran 15 miles than 11.

I won’t lie, I’m a little frustrated with my body at the moment. I’ll be taking it much easier during Week 3, concentrating on stretching and strengthening my hips and glutes and switching back to my Nike Free Run+ 2 shoes. I trained for my first half in Asics Gel Cumulus 11s and then switched to Nike Frees. Because of the recent snow and concerns about terrain and slushiness I had been running in Asics, but I’m wondering whether some of my problems may be coming from them. They’re a relatively new pair and don’t have more than 100 miles on them, but anecdotally I’ve noticed many more issues while running in them compared to my Nike Frees. Time shall tell.

I mentioned in my Athens Marathon post that my training plan was subject to change… and (lo and behold!) it’s already changed.

Here’s the old plan:

And here is the new plan:

Really, all I did was switch around days in a way that makes more sense for me. I moved my long run day to Sunday, made Saturday an EASY day, moved speed work to Friday, made Thursday a rest day, and made Monday a cross-training/active recovery day. I think this will make more sense and give me the proper rest and recovery time after bigger workouts.

As it stand right now, I’m doing 1 tempo run and 1 interval run every other week (excluding step-back weeks). This may be too much in one week for me, but we’ll just have to wait and see – if it is, I’ll drop one – maybe the tempo run?

The one thing I didn’t do so well this week was cross train. I wanted to find a local yoga class, but couldn’t make one work with my schedule. Now that I think I have a plan that better works for me, I’ve already got my eye on one for next week.

Show me what ya got, Week 3!


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