Stretch Your Brain – #31Adventures

It’s often said that knowledge is power. What have you learned recently?

For today’s adventure, learn something new.

Today, I learned that the best time to climb Devils Tower in Wyoming is in May or June. It can also be climbed in July – September, but it tends to be pretty hot during those months.


But things get a little more complicated than this. From the National Park Service website:

American Indians have regarded the Tower as a sacred site long before climbers found their way to the area. American Indian people have expressed concerns over recreational climbing at Devils Tower. Some perceive climbing on the Tower as a desecration to their sacred site. It appears to many American Indians that climbers and hikers do not respect their culture by the very act of climbing on or near the Tower. A key element of the 1995 Climbing Management Plan and 2006 update is the June Voluntary Climbing Closure. The National Park Service has decided to advocate this closure in order to promote understanding and encourage respect for the culture of American Indian tribes who are closely affiliated with the Tower as a sacred site. June is a culturally significant time when many (not all) ceremonies traditionally occur. Although voluntary, this closure has been very successful – resulting in an 80% reduction in the number of climbers during June.

During June, the NPS asks climbers to voluntarily refrain from climbing on the Tower and hikers to voluntarily refrain from scrambling within the inside of the Tower Trail Loop. Please strongly consider the closure when planning a climbing trip to Devils Tower. Alternative climbing areas are located within 100 miles of Devils Tower National Monument. The Access Fund fully supports the voluntary closure and the Climbing Management Plan at Devils Tower.

This may seem a little random, but Ian and I are hatching plans for our honeymoon this coming summer, and are trying to decide what our key priorities are.

Hint: Devils Tower is on the shortlist.

Also, fun fact:


2 thoughts on “Stretch Your Brain – #31Adventures

  1. Very neat idea! And maybe your trip includes a layover in Denver? 🙂

    We’re considering a similar honeymoon schedule/idea. Rather than take a big vacation right after our wedding, we want to do a smallish get-away (hiking in the Pacific Northwest!) post-wedding and take a bigger ‘honeymoon’ next year for our 1 year anniversary (in South Korea!!).

  2. Funny you mention Denver, Lynne – we’re thinking it may be our first stop! I have a cousin there (and a new friend! 🙂 and some friends in Colorado Springs, so we’re planning to make a couple stops in Colorado – maybe do a 14er or two and see what other shenanigans we can get ourselves into!

    Ian and I spent our first Christmas/New Years as a couple in Washington state – I’m head-over-heels in love with the PNW! We hiked mostly in Olympic Natl Park, and it was stellar! i have a book about day hikes there I’d be willing to let you borrow if you’re interested! 🙂

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