Notice the Little Things – #31Adventures

It’s often easy to overlook the little things as we go about our days.

Today’s adventure invites you to pause and notice the littlest things: The way the light comes in the window. The rise and fall of your chest as you breath (or maybe the breath of whoever else is in the room). The patterns made by the trees.

How do the little things add adventure to your day? What have you discovered that you missed before?

Today was Ian’s first day back at work for the new year – he’s a middle school science teacher, just like my Dad. He usually leaves before I’m awake, but he always makes sure to come in, give me a kiss, and wish me a good day before he leaves. In true “case of the Mondays” form, he forgot his lunch today. After my freezing run, I ran it over to him at school – my first time visiting. I walked into the office, told the secretary that I was Mr. W’s wife (which by the way, still sounds really weird to me), and was directed to his room.

As I walked down the hallway, I had the strangest sense of deja vu. Although I myself had never delivered a forgotten lunch to my husband at school, but I know my Mom has done this hundreds of time in the 40 years that my Dad taught. It was a strange sense of things coming full circle.

As a young person who had always dreamed of “getting out” and doing “big” things, what really struck me was that this made me happy. Immensely happy.

I feel honored that my husband is following in my Dad’s footsteps. He was an amazing man, and I consider myself so very lucky to have married a man struck from such a similar mold.

Over the past few years, I’ve struggled with an intense case of wanderlust, to move out of Ohio and live in an entirely new place. I’ve had the chance to do this many times, but I haven’t taken them, because I’ve also felt an intense need to stay here, near my family. I felt pulled in two polarizing directions: follow my dreams of branching out, or stay where I felt needed, surrounded by my loved ones.


 The past year has brought so many changes to our family, and I am absolutely, 100% happy with decision to stay. I’ve learned that we have nothing without our loved ones, and that choosing to spend more time with them will never be regretted. I cherish every single minute I spent with my Dad, even the ones that have me fighting back tears as I watched a disease take its toll – these are memories I wouldn’t have if I had moved away.

I used to think that I would only be happy if I lived in some exotic faraway place, doing epic things. Now, it’s the little things that make me happy – like delivering a forgotten lunch to my husband, drenched in sweat and shivering like mad from a 6 mile tempo run in 20* weather, wondering whether his students would wonder who that sweaty, breathless woman was.

Perhaps someday Ian and I will move away from Ohio. We both would like to experience so many different things in so many beautiful places. But for now, our wanderlust will be satisfied by traveling to visit our dearest friends, and coming home to our family.

And I couldn’t be happier.


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