A New Perspective – #31Adventures

It’s a brand new year and many of us take this time to start fresh.

Today’s adventure is all about seeing things in a new and different light. Take a photo of something familiar from a new angle: up close; upside down; from above; from underneath.

What do you notice? What’s interesting? Unique?

I was curious to see what the world looked like through the eyes of these two jokers…

Moka & Myles

Moka (my fur-dogger) & Myles (my fur-son).

Moka usually spends her time in lounging in her bed…

while Myles spends his time at the sliding glass door, dreaming about adventures beyond the glass.

This is not to say that Moka isn’t similarly excited about the things that lie beyond the apartment. As soon as I reach for my running shoes, she’s at my feet, looking up expectantly. Don’t even try to mention the “W” word around her. We started to spell it out, but she caught on to that, too. Poor Myles gets less time in the outdoors, though. Although we do let him out occasionally, he’s not much of an outdoorsman, and probably couldn’t find his way out of a paper bag, so we keep a short leash on him when he does venture outside.

What have you noticed or seen from a different perspective lately?


2 thoughts on “A New Perspective – #31Adventures

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