2012 Goals

I’ve always had a weird relationship with New Year’s resolutions. They always seem to be big, nebulous ideas that were nice thoughts, but didn’t have much planning, foresight or realism to them. At this time last year, I was 20 pounds overweight, pretty miserable with myself, and wanting change. Instead of making resolutions, I set me some goals, made a plan, and made it happen. 6 months into 2011, I had dropped 25 pounds, run a half marathon, grown into being happy with myself, and started training for the whole shebang. It might seem silly, but the idea of  “goals”  vs. “resolutions” worked for me.

This year, I’ve decided to make different sets of goals for the New Year. One set for the spring training cycle, a second set to be determined based on the outcomes of my spring races, and a third set of overarching goals for the year as a whole. I’m sure I’ll revisit and reevaluate these goals pretty often as I kick off and settle into marathon training in January, but here’s what I have for now…

Spring 2012 Training Cycle Goals:

  • Run a 4:30 marathon.
  • Run a sub-2:00 half marathon.
  • Run 1, maybe 2,  spring marathons – Athens and/or Flying Pig

Fall 2012 Training Cycle Goals:

  • Run an early fall marathon – TBD, probably the Air Force Marathon.
  • Based on early fall marathon experience, decide whether I want to run a late fall marathon (November/December).
  • Half Marathon PR – based on spring PR, somewhere around 1:50, maybe?

Goals for the Year:

  • PR in a 5k – 23 and change / 7:30 pace
  • Run 1,200 miles for the year – average of about 23 miles/week
  • Run 3 – 4 marathons and 6 – 8 half marathons.
  • Run at least 12 races total.

These are pretty lofty goals for me, but if I learned anything in 2011 it’s that I underestimate myself and that I need big goals to keep me pushing forward. Playing it safe never brought anyone amazing results, and I’m looking to do amazing things in the next few years!

Bring it, 2012!!


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