Thanks To You…

We reached our goal of raising $1000 for Hospice Care!

Yep, that’s right. $500 will go to the National Hospice Foundation, and $500 to Hospice of Southwest Ohio.

The Hospice of SW Ohio website perfectly describes what hospice means to me and so many other families:

We believe that hospice is more than just end-of-life medical care. We believe there is celebration in life’s most simple moments, and we want to show you how to honor the unique and special lives of your loved ones.

Ian and I have been honored to run this race in memory of Dad, and are so humbled and thankful to have been able to help these vital services… but of course, the thanks goes mostly to all of you.

Many of our donations came from family, but many also came from total strangers who live across the country, but who gave some of their hard-earned money to help patients and families in need.

Some came from Dad’s former students – I heard a few stories that truly warmed my heart and confirmed that he had a huge impact on many people, and will continue to live in their spirit. One commented that she loved having him for a teacher, because she was a new student, and he was always so nice to her. Her donation was especially remarkable to me, because she also reached out to share that little tidbit.

It’s been 6 months, almost to the day, since our lives changed forever. Sometimes it feels like yesterday, but most days it seems like years since I last heard him laugh, saw that mischievous smile curve the corners of his lips, and watched the pride beam in his eyes as he held my first half marathon medal in his hands and looked up at me, beaming.

Even though it hurts just as much today as it did 6 months ago, I’m finding solace in small ways – and being a part of Run to Remember is one of those small ways.

Let’s just say this certainly wasn’t my last Run to Remember...


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