Race Recap: Wellness in the Woods 10k!

I really can’t say much about this race, other than the fact that it ROCKED!!!!

After PRing in the half marathon two weeks ago, I PRd again in the 10k – 1:02:12, and average pace of 10:03 per mile!

I’d estimate that 80% of this race was on the trails out at Highbanks Metroparks, so I guess we can call this my first trail race. I had heard that the trails at Highbanks were hilly, so I went into this one not expecting to PR… but I won’t lie, I was hoping to. My training runs have been stellar lately, so I was pretty confident that I had it in me.

Some things I learned today:

i.love.hills. I charged up those hills like they were nothing, passing people left and right, chicking dudes, kicking ass, and taking names. I passed quite a few people in these 6.2 miles, and I’d venture to say 90% of them I passed on the uphill. Rock. Star.

I’ve got a competitor lurking under the surface. After the first couple miles, when I settled into a nice easy pace, I realized that I could only remember being passed by one or two women that I was absolutely sure were running the 10k. A large part of me knew that I was most likely not going to break the top 5 overall women- I didn’t start paying attention early enough. But, it gave me the pep to pass as many women (and dudes!) as I could – which was quite a few. I ended up 12th overall, and 2nd in my age group! They didn’t give out AG awards, but still…

I am capable of so much more… I feel like I’m on the verge of a really awesome breakthrough… more on that to come!

For now I’ll just bask in my 2nd PR of the month!


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