Race Recap: Nationwide Columbus Half Marathon!

The Nationwide Columbus Half was the perfect ending to a perfect weekend – our wedding weekend, in case you can’t tell from the photos…

In the whirlwind that started Thursday morning, I was exhausted by the time Saturday afternoon rolled around. We partied hard at the rehearsal dinner Thursday and obviously Friday evening at the wedding, so by the time we arrived back in Columbus on Saturday afternoon to head to the expo, we were beat! A few of our awesome wedding party were also running, and trickled in Saturday night, so we did what made the most sense – pigged out on pizza and beer at HoundDog’s, the best pizza joint in the city. Seriously. Go get some Smokin’ Joes crust, NOW. After pizza, I rudely announced that if I didn’t go to bed NOW, I would turn into even more of a raging bi-yotch.

The morning came early, as it always does on race day, and the apartment was abuzz by 6 am. Our amazing spectators dropped us off about 30 minutes before race time, and we dashed to find Carrie. We had perfect timing – we shouted “CARRIE!!!” among the crowd of almost 20,000 and found her with just a few minutes to spare!

The first few miles flew by, and Ian and I got tons of laughs, high fives, and congratulations! thanks to our awesome outfits. We must have gotten at least 50 congrats and best wishes, and heard lots of “Awww, look at that bride and groom, how adorable!!” Here’s a tip: want LOTS of support and attention? Dress up. It’s as simple as that. The first few miles flew by, and before we knew it we were at mile 5 – where I lost my groom to a massively long port-o-potty, and my outfit became significantly less cute. Thankfully, I had the always awesome Carrie to keep me company, and we had some business to attend to.This was Carrie’s first half marathon, you see, and her goal was to hit 2:30. We ran somewhere in the 12s for the first mile or two, thanks to the congestion of 20,000 runners, and settled into a pace around the high 11:00s. We agreed that once we hit mile 10, we’d pick it up and finish strong.

Finish strong we did!! We ran miles 12 & 13 in the 9:50s, and crossed the finish line in…


An AWESOME time for Carrie’s first half, surpassing her goal, and a new PR for me!

It was awesome to run a race for the fun of it – as a celebration, of sorts. Of the 5 of us in our group, 2 successfully finished their first half marathon, and the rest of us set new PRs!

Showing off all our new bling…


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