Race Recap: The Columbus 10k

{ Look at me, being all cool posting this recap almost 3 months after the fact. Better late than… yeah, you get the point. }

Back in June, I ran the C-bus 10k with my new work friend, Carrie, on a whim. It was her first, and only my second, so since life got away from me for a couple months there and I hadn’t been training, I wasn’t expecting to PR or anything. I was just looking to get back in the racing saddle and spend the morning with a new friend – the perfect way to kick off the summer, don’t you think?

We started out nice and slow after watching the kids run (ADORABLE!). We cruised along, uneventfully for most of the race, just chatting about running, work, and life. I had only been back in Columbus for a couple weeks, so I really enjoyed running through the city that I missed so much. I just kept exclaiming, “man, i’m so glad to be back!!” As far as the run itself, I was really impressed by how my body took to the distance after not running over a few miles for a month or two – we cruised right along, and I never felt out of breath or any sort of muscle fatigue until the very end.

We crossed the line with a time somewhere around 1:10 and change, and I couldn’t have been happier! It was the perfect way to spend a Sunday morning. Carrie is training for her first half marathon, the Nationwide Columbus Marathon, the same race that Ian and I both running in October. I’m excited to have a training buddy, and so glad I could run her first 10k with her!


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