Race Recap: The Flying Pig 1/2 Marathon!

5 days ago, I ran my first half marathon, and…


That’s really all I can say, even 5 days later. Just… wow.

the excitement builds...

I mean, I had an inkling that I’d be forever changed by this experience, but I really had no idea how fundamental the change would be. More on that later.

I mentioned it in my “last long run” post, but these 13.1 miles really and truly were a celebration.

this is exactly what it felt like...

To be  perfectly honest, I don’t really want to give a mile-by-mile recap. It just doesn’t feel right. What I will say is that despite the rain, despite the lack of pre-race “taking care of business,” if you will, despite not consuming anything other than water whatsoever during the race, for fear of moving “things” along, despite the dreaded hills in miles 5-9, despite the last 2 miles of “don’t poop your pants, don’t poop your pants…”

I did it.

freakin' rockstar

I basically did everything wrong.

And yet somehow, the miles cruised by, and before I knew it, I was 8 miles in, having taken zero walking breaks, and nearly at the top of the hills, thinking “Really?! Mile 8?! When did THAT happen?”

Of course, then mile 11 slapped me in the face, and I walked a bit more than I intended. But as soon as I passed mile 12, I ran it home hard, crossing the finish line in…

bringing it home...

2 hours, 30 minutes, and 39 seconds.

Remember that “OMG, I’ll be a rockstar if I finish in 2:30” goal?

Well, apparently, I underestimated myself.

pig butt, te he!

I think, to a certain extent, I’m still processing this whole experience. Immediately following the race, all I could think of was “find a bathroom, find a bathroom, get some calories, find a bathroom.” I won’t lie, for a few minutes there, all I could think of was how miserable I was – sopping wet, a little achy, and in desperate need of a bathroom. I wondered if I really ever wanted to do this again, much less TWICE this.

Of course, once I relieved myself, all of those feelings subsided, and all I could think about was doing this again… and soon. I was hungry in so many delicious ways. Running 26.2 miles still seemed almost impossible… but 5 months ago, running 13.1 miles was also an impossibility. My feelings about the word impossible are shifting, these days. Again, more on that later.

I spent an afternoon chatting about this with a friend who unfortunately couldn’t run the Flying Pig this year.  She was super proud of me, and it was good to talk it out. I still can’t believe how GREAT I felt after the race, and by that I mean my legs NEVER got sore. My lower back was definitely feeling it, but even the next day, I thought, “I could run 3 or 4 miles today.” I didn’t of course, but still. I ran 3 miles yesterday in 31 minutes and barely broke a sweat.

My friend says that that means I trained well, and that I’m ready to start training for the marathon.

i came home to my new Runner's World... serendipitous!

I have a few more days off from a training plan, and then…

it begins…



15 thoughts on “Race Recap: The Flying Pig 1/2 Marathon!

  1. WAY TO GO!!! That is AWESOME! You are going to dominate marathon training. 🙂 I’m just hoping I can make it through training for this next half-marathon without having a hundred other injuries…maybe a marathon is in my DISTANT future…

    Sweet medal, by the way!
    Even sweeter pink shoe laces! love them 🙂

    • Thanks, Amy! I love my pink shoelaces – they add a certain flair and also make me a little more visible… win-win! As for marathon training, I’m actually kinda feeling a little IT band squirminess since the day after the race, so I’m gonna stretching & rolling like a madwoman before I actually dive in full-force. It’s nothing too bad, but I’d rather nip it early than miss weeks mid-cycle. Eek!

  2. That is so awesome- congratulations!!! I This was really inspiring…and kind of comforting to know you can do everything “wrong” but still have a blast and come out strong. I get so paranoid before races thinking everything has to go down perfectly for it to be a good race. It never does and it always ends up being great…but it’s the original mindset, you know? Anyway, I can’t wait to run my first half & full!!

    • Thanks, Mary!! I’m actually really glad it wasn’t “perfect” because I realized that even when things aren’t, they still end up being perfect anyway! 🙂 Good luck with your training – I’m excited to follow along!

  3. Congrats on your first half marathon!! It’s awesome that you felt so great after the race too! You are so ready for the marathon training, I’m looking forward to reading about it!

    And I love the piggy medal 🙂

  4. Hey! Just found your blog through Christina’s (Just Running) and wanted to say congrats!! I’m from Cincinnati orginally (now living in Denver) and plan to make the Flying Pig my first marathon. I also know exactly how you felt at mile 11 – this is where it hit me in my first half also! I was doing so well and loving the race (Rock n Roll Phoenix) until mile 11 – then it was mind over matter. Anyway, nice to see a fellow midwest girl blogging!

    • That’s awesome, I’m from Cincy but live in Columbus, now. Flying Pig will be an AWESOME first marathon!! Part of me thought about waiting and doing it as my first, since it was my first half, but I just couldn’t wait a whole year! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by my blog – I can’t wait to check out yours!

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