Twas the Night Before Race Day…

Twas the night before race day, one could hear not a peep

It’s race day tomorrow, I needs me some sleep!


Shoes, stockings, and Gu, all laid out with care

With hopes of the PR I was hoping to snare

The tempos have been run, the hills been repeated,

And memories of bonks have all but receded.

With Spibelt stocked and the bib on my shirt

It’s all ready – with danger I’d rather not flirt.


When there in my thoughts there arose such a clatter,

I sprang out of bed to take care of the matter!

Away to my gym bag I flew like a flash,

I grabbed at spare undies, the rest of my stash.


The device at the bottom I had rudely ignored

Beeped silently, “Charge me!” it all but implored.


I grabbed at the iPod, batteries dead

When a thought so sublime popped into my head


You’ve worked hard for this, chica, enjoy every minute

Give high 5s and smiles, keep your mind in it!


So, I tucked away tunes for another run

And thought, maybe I should have one run more done.


The nagging in my head, said “What if, what if?”

But I pushed it away, with not one more sniff


Now’s not the time for pains, doubts, and straining

You logged the hard miles, now trust in your training


After all, a race is not a culminating event

It’s a celebration of hours well spent


So, head back to sleep, think not one thought more

Tomorrow is nearing, so go catch a snore


And when you wake up, RACE DAY is HERE!

So, soak it up, choke it up, share that good cheer!


With every step taken, each mile on par

Be thankful for legs that have carried you so far


And when the final mile peaks, the finish line roars

The medal around your neck is no ones but yours!


With a calm, happy heart, I headed back to bed

When one last idea flashed through my head.


And so I exclaimed, as I turned off the light,


{Footnote: this is what happens when I run 12 miles without an iPod. Fo’ realz.}


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