Bootcamps & PRs

Yesterday, I finally signed up for the beginning boot camp class at the community center. I’ve been meaning to try it since Ian and I started dating 2 years ago, and finally got the gumption.

Monday/Wednesday, 6 am, 1 hour of circuit training with the badass Jolene, a good friend of ours, and Ian’s former co-worker.

Yes, I may be slightly insane, but considering that I want to get in at least an hour of cross training 2 days a week, it fits into my plan perfectly!

So, out the door I stumble on Monday morning. I won’t lie – it wasn’t the hardest workout I’d ever done, but it was FAR from the easiest either. Here’s the gyst: Jolene sets up 20+ different stations, each with one workout – pushups, pushups with row, jumping jacks, jump rope (x3), frog jump, plank, reverse plank, bridge, rock and roll to jump, bicep curls, ball toss, wood chop, reverse crunch, superman hold, mountain climbers, bicycle crunches, and some awesome move that involves sitting in v-up position while “paddling” a weighted bar (Hello, obliques, nice to see you again). We started out by doing about 45 seconds at each station, with one lap around the gym in between, and we’ll work our way up to 1-2 minutes of each station. Yeah. Basic training FTW.

Anyway, after boot camp yesterday, I found myself with NO energy. ZIP, zero, nada. I deduced that I was dealing with a trifecta of issues: getting up at 5:30 am (yeah, I DON’T do that), doing a hard workout, and a major case of iron deficiency. Ahem, read into that what you will. So, accordingly, I spent the ENTIRE day on the couch, attempting to will myself into bed and cursing the fact that I’m a muggle and can not apparate to my bedroom. I’m telling you, it was difficult to even hold a fork, I had that little energy.

Thankfully, lots of spinach and water at lunch helped a bit, as did the nap when I finally mustered the energy to crawl up the stairs, and today I’m feeling much better. Still a bit sluggish, so I wasn’t expecting much out of my 3 miler today.

Isn’t that how it always goes? The best runs just come out of nowhere and bite you in the butt. Check out these splits, baby….

Mile 1: 10:18

Mile 2: 11:09

Mile 3: 10:10

Mile .1: 1:01

Total: 32:38

Yep. That’s a new (unofficial) 5k PR!!!

And I wasn’t even trying! 😀


6 thoughts on “Bootcamps & PRs

    • You should do it!! It’s hard, but definitely fun. And yeah, 6 am is a little too early for me… the hardest part is just getting out of bed!

  1. Awesome run! Congrats on a 5K PR – that’s a big accomplishment. 🙂 Boot camp sounds pretty intense – waking up that early can be tough, but hopefully you recovered. Spinach is always a good thing!

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