What Being Injured Has Taught Me…

It had been 8 days since she last went for a run, and before that, it was 5 days. She tried to run again, and the first 3/4 mile was glorious. But then, the twinges came back, and of course, better safe than sorry. In the past 4 months, she hadn’t gone more than 1 or maybe 2 days without running. It has become a part of who she is in these short months.

So what is a runner to do when she can’t run?

The same things she does when she can run. Bike, walk, hike, lift. Eat well. Live well. And, most importantly, when it’s 50 degrees and sunny, and all she wants to do is run, but she can’t… she should remember that it’s not the end of the world. She will run again someday soon. And until then she can still bike, walk, hike, lift. Her body can still do amazing things, and she is lucky that she has such a wonderful life. Half a year ago, she would never had dreamed that running 5 miles or getting on a bike and spinning for an hour would be routine, even an easy workout. And even when her foot aches, she is reminded that that same foot once carried her 7 miles, which is about 7 miles more than it could carry her half a year ago.

So, when she gets discouraged, and feels like she might never be able to run again, she can either throw herself a pity party and drown her sorrows in a gallon of ice cream, like she would have half a year ago…

Or, she can scarf down her egg and toast, hop on her bike and see how many miles her quads can take her today. Because she is runner.

And being a runner is about more than just running…

… it’s about living life, even when life makes you ache.


5 thoughts on “What Being Injured Has Taught Me…

  1. I’m sorry you’re experiencing an injury, but that is a great attitude to have. By keeping up with your healthy life style, you’ll be in great shape when you do start running again. I hope you get past the injury soon!

  2. So sorry you’re injured!! I know the feeling, and it SUCKS big time. You have a great attitude though! I’m sure your positive thoughts will make their way down to your foot soon, and you’ll be good as new in no time!! 😉

  3. So true!! I hadn’t run in almost a week and was completely stressed last night, so I went for a run after getting the kiddo in bed. I am NOT a night runner and this was shortly before 9 pm! But, it was wonderful 🙂 Reminded me of one of your first posts I read about a run that just put the world right again. Take care of yourself and that foot…you’ll be back on the road soon!

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