7 Is Heaven

That’s right. I ran 7 miles today. This is my “7 miles is mine” face.

This was only my 3rd or 4th outdoor run of 2011, thanks to snow, ice and the like. I’ll be honest – the face above was mostly bravado. The last time I ran outside, I hit the hills hard, and 2.5 miles left me walking like a granny.Thankfully, Anyway, I pulled off a decent time: 1:25:47, a 12:15 pace,! I chose to run  a mix of streets and bike path, an out and back route with plenty of scenery.

For this run, I planned ahead – stole borrowed Ian’s Camelbak and shoved it full of stuff – ID, cash, keys, and some Powerbar Energy Blasts which I ate at the turn-around. I didn’t really feel like I needed them, but thought it couldn’t hurt. While they certainly were tasty – raspberry! – they gave me a wicked side stitch that made me walk a little more than I wanted to. But, then again… miles 1-3 are always a little rough for me, and lie usual, I really hit my stride at mile 4. I think I’d really like to do a 10k… 5k’s are just too short for me to really get into the groove.



Even at the end, I felt gooooood! I’m definitely excited to be able to say I’ve run a little over half of a half marathon. Feels like a milestone, no? 😉

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some icing to do…


3 thoughts on “7 Is Heaven

  1. Great job on the 7 miles! I understand what you mean about not really hitting your stride until mile 4. I’m the same way, I think it just takes some time for my legs to loosen up and actually feel good. You should sign up for a 10k soon!

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