If 5.5 Is Good, Well, Then 6 is Fan-frickin’-tastic!

I kid you not. Case in point:

Last week I ran 5.5 miles in 1:12:07, and average pace of 13:ish.

Today, I ran 6 (count ’em SIX!) miles in 1:10:27, for an average pace of 11:45!!

Mile 1: 12:10

Mile 2: 12:01

Mile 3: 12:21

Mile 4: 11:46

Mile 5: 11:23

Mile 6: 10:20

So,  basically, I ran half a mile farther in 2 minutes less. Who is awesome? Oh, yeah. That’s me. And to top it off, my triceps and shoulders are deliciously sore from my upper body weight training yesterday. I’m serious – this cross-training and strength business is the real deal.

Over the past 9 weeks, I’ve been running 3 days a week and doing strength and cross training at least 2 days a week, usually about an hour of cardio and then abs and upper body. I’ve done some leg strength training, but I’ve been a little wary about tuckering out the leggies. This week, though, I really kicked up the intensity of my biking and ellipticaling to really give the legs a workout… the result? Tired legs (but not sore!) and some pretty kick-ass runs.

Three cheers for strength training!

In other news, I finally switched my office & bedroom on one of my rest days last week. The old bedroom was a smaller room in the back of the house with a lovely balcony and sliding glass door. Great in the summer, not so great in the winter, especially considering that the sliding door didn’t exactly line up properly. Windy outside meant windy inside. Brrr!

Old, Small, Windy, Cold Bedroom With a View:

It turned out really well, and I’m wondering why I didn’t switch them a long time ago. Of course, there’s a lingering desk by the window that was assembled in the office when I first moved in…. and doesn’t fit though the door. But, I kinda like it the way it is, and thankfully, the closet is so big that my dresser fits in with room to spare, so there aren’t 2 massive pieces of furniture hanging out, cluttering everything  up. I’d show you the office, too, but I decided to just throw everything in there and use it as storage. Besides, I’ll be moving again soon, and now that I’m not in school anymore and don’t need a dedicated office space, I figured it’d be a waste of time, right? Right.

New, Warm, Spacious, and Inviting Room:

Here is the closet (and the lingering desk). I like keeping the door open – it’s almost like a little changing area!

I don’t have very many clothes… and to be honest, most of what’s hanging up is running/climbing/outdoor clothing!

All in all, it was a raging success.

Myles agrees.


6 thoughts on “If 5.5 Is Good, Well, Then 6 is Fan-frickin’-tastic!

  1. Great job on your 6 miles, that is awesome!! I love that your 6th mile was so speedy, you definitely had it in you!

    I’ve also been weary of doing strength training with my legs. I want to make them stronger, but I’m always worried about how they will do on my run the next day if I tire them out too much. I find myself doing really wimpy squats and lunges, afraid to put too much weight on them.

  2. Congrats on your 6 miles!! That’s fabulous 🙂 I’ll bet after that speedy run you feel like nothing can stop you!

    I’m such a lazy girl when it comes to strength training…I do my cross training every week, but tend to ignore the strength training in my half marathon plan… :-/ Maybe I should start working it in since it seems to be doing great things for you!

  3. Good job Janene! Other friends/I have observed that once you’ve done a five mile run, you break a really important mental and physical barrier to much longer distances. That’s so funny that you always speed up on your runs…I’m the opposite. I’ve been running a bit lately, but it’s in the 60s. Like whoa for running in Ohio. Stay warm.

    • ERIKA!! I miss you!!

      It definitely takes some restraint to go slow at the beginning – but I know that if I keep it slow, I can push myself at the end, so I try really hard to warm-up slowly. I’ve also noticed that mile 3 almost always SUCKS, but then I hit my groove after that and get another burst of energy.

      ps- I’m finally gonna try on some dresses this weekend!! Eek!!

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