Marathon Buddies!

I opened my Facebook account the other night to find a message from my wonderful friend Mel, who lives in Houston now. She wanted to know if I was interested in being her marathon buddy, and I replied with a resounding…


So, the plan is to meet up for at least one half or full marathon a year to make sure that we keep in touch and to keep each other motivated to keep running and improving.

Soooo, our first adventure will be the St. Jude’s Memphis Marathon on December 3rd!!! Not sure yet whether we’ll do the full or the half. I’m leaning towards 13.1, since I’ll have just done a full in September, but we have until May to decide.

We’re both on Daily Mile now, so we can keep in touch with how training is going. Mel is doing the Houston Half Marathon in a couple weeks, and I still have a while to go until the Pig, but I’m so excited to be reconnecting with such a great friend!

Come December, Memphis won’t know what hit it…


6 thoughts on “Marathon Buddies!

    • Yeah, I’m soooo excited I can barely contain myself! I’m also running a Warrior Dash this summer with a dear friend who will be moving shortly after, and we’re already planning to visit each other, race style… friends make races even better!

  1. Hi, Kim! I have some friends who are doing training groups, and they love it – I’m sure it’s a fantastic way to make new friends! If I didn’t live in such a small town, I’d have joined one for sure… but, soon enough I’ll be moving (somewhere, not sure yet) and a running group is top on my list to investigate!

  2. I live in Houston too!! I know a lot of people who will be running the Chevron half and full in two weeks. I wish I had started training earlier, it sounds like it will be a great race!

    That’s such an awesome idea to meet up for races. I love it!

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