An Afternoon Hike In Athens

Yesterday, despite the gloom and doom outside, Ian and I ventured out with the pups to enjoy the scenery Southeastern Ohio has to offer.

Skippy decided to get a bird’s eye view of the happenings and jumped right into my lap!

The Ridges are considered by some to be one of the most haunted areas in the states, if not the world…

… but I just think of them as my classroom of choice! I’ve admired the Athens & Nelsonville bricks and their story since moving to SE Ohio…

… and even incorporated them into some of my lessons. You might know that I just finished my Masters degrees, but you may not know that I also spent the last 2 years teaching outdoor skills classes – like backpacking, survival, navigation, and more.  I always like to incorporate something about the place into my lessons, so I’d often talk about the economic forces in Appalachian Ohio. They relied on the abundant natural resources the region has to offer, and their use has shaped the area – culturally, economically, and physically.

I’ve spent many (many!) hours at the Ridges, teaching students how to set up tents, properly select gear and clothing, how to triangulate and account for declination, how to build debris huts, gather water, and build fires using only one match, or even a bow drill!

We made our way past the Ohio University Challenge Course….

… and up to Radar Hill.

After taking in the views of Athens, we headed down, catching up with the nature trail to make our way back. I found one of these guys along the way. They mark a specific spot that the students had to navigate to. The red thing is actually a hole punch, so that they can prove they found the correct one. I used them to set up orienteering course for my students, and the ROTC uses them for more permanent courses, too.

This little girl may be small, but she gobbles up the trail like its a snack and asks for more. Poor Skippy was beat by the time we got back to car, and passed out on the floor for the ride home. Moka, of course, was wondering, “Was that it? Aw, man.”

Almost back to the parking lot, we passed an old abandoned building that was once part of the mental hospital. This was right across from a cemetery that holds the remains of many patients of the hospital. Yep, kinda creepy.

After about an hour, we made it back to the car, and had to do some paw cleaning before the pups were allowed back in the car. And, yes, that’s Ian butt. I don’t care if you stare, it is nice! 🙂

Two happy pups after a lovely, muddy, afternoon hike!


3 thoughts on “An Afternoon Hike In Athens

  1. What a fun day!! I wish I had trails like that around here to hike…it looks awesome! And that is so cool that you taught that kind of stuff…remind me if I ever have to be stuck in the woods I want it to be with you! 🙂 LOL! Love the puppies, too…so cute!

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