Ahh, Snowsville!

Like most other parts of the country, Southeast Ohio is covered in a lovely blanket of snow. I personally LOVE LOVE LOVE snow and winter and cold, so I’m digging it (um, no pun intended…) The only things that suck are the ice and snow chunks that made me nearly eat it the other day. I decided to treadmill my 4.5 mile run, which, if you’ve been paying any attention, ahem, is another personal distance record. I love training for a new distance!

I hit the treadmill again today for a short 2 miles, and really concentrated on forefoot running instead of heel-striking. Marie’s post a couple days ago really got me thinking about my running form, and the relationship between my form and shin pain. Opinions on the relationship between shin splints and heel-striking are all over the map (see here, here, and here) , but I think I’ve read enough to convince me that it might contribute to the problem. Oh, yeah, and my running form sucks anyway. It can’t hurt to try something new, and if it does, I’ll try something else or go back to my old way. I will say that after 2 miles today, my calves are more tired than usual, but my hips and knees feel great!

{ This is Skippy, Ian’s furry brother. I love him to pieces. It’s kind of sick. }

Also, in other distance running news, I bought my first GUs and bloks and whatnot! They were on massive sale, and I noticed that by the end of my 4.5 miler this week, I was feeling pretty darn tired and HUNGRY! So, I haven’t used any yet, but I thought it was time to at least start the new adventure of finding which ones work for me. Yeah. I’m a nerd. I have nothing to do other than run, eat, and look for a job. So sue me.


Speaking of jobs, I had an interview on Monday, and it went really well! Keep your fingers crossed for me that this one works out!



One thought on “Ahh, Snowsville!

  1. Congrats again on the distance record! I can’t believe you did that all on a treadmill. Ugh, but I guess you didn’t have a choice with the snow. That’s dedication!

    I also just bought Gu recently. I’m trying for 8 miles this weekend, so I think I will definitely need some fuel to get me through it. I bought vanilla and strawberry banana, let me know what flavor ends up being your favorite!

    Good luck with the interview next week 🙂

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