3 Miles on the Treadmill Later…

Training this week called for a 3 mile run, my longest so far in 2 weeks of training. In order to avoid making excuses for it on Saturday, my designated long run day, I decided to do it this morning before leaving to head home for the holidays.

Of course, I woke up late, at 9 am, grumpy, bleary eyed, and with toooo much to do before being able to shove off. I knew, of course, that if I didn’t get it done today, it wouldn’t happen, and figured that week 2 of the training plan was not the time to start bad habits, so i trudged to the gym to meet my fate on the treadmill.

I won’t lie, running lately has been somewhat discouraging. Even for a self-admitted slow runner, I’ve been slllloooooowwww lately, which I think can be attributed to going out too fast and tuckering out at the end. So my plan today was to take the first mile agonizingly slow, and see how I felt about picking up the pace after that.

How’d it work? Well, take a look at my splits below, and you tell me…

Mile 1: 13:19

Mile 2: 11:30

Mile 3: 10:00

Total: 34:49

WOO freakin’ HOO!!!! Not only did I post negative splits for the first time in this training cycle, I felt AMAZING!!!! No huffing and puffing and no tired legs, not to mention the fact that I enjoyed the hell out of this run! I just cruised along comfortably nearly the whole time; the last quarter of a mile was a challenge, as I was starting to feel a bit tired, but it was one of those heart-pumping, “ohmygod, I’m totally going to do this! kind of challenges.

Needless to say, I’m pretty ecstatic about my 3 miles on the treadmill, and super excited to have crafted a training schedule that works for me, and that I’m confidant that will make my first half-marathon successful if all things go well. 20 weeks is a long training program, but I know myself, and I know that I need to increase my mileage very slowly. This was definitely one of those runs that reenergized and affirmed why I love running so much. Gotta love those kinds of runs – they’re worth every minute of not-so-fun runs!

And now I must run – I’ve got a lot of packing to do before I head home!



4 thoughts on “3 Miles on the Treadmill Later…

  1. Yeah! Good for you. I cleaned the kitchen this morning (for early Christmas gathering tonight) instead of running before work ๐Ÿ˜ฆ A good run makes the rest of the day just fall into place, doesn’t it?

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